Supreme Court sex offender ruling has impact on WNC

WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WLOS) —  A recent Supreme Court ruling on sex offenders is already having an impact in the mountains after the justices determined sex offenders should be able to possess social media accounts. “We did have a pending case here in Henderson...

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Court’s Un-Common Sense on Sex Offenders

The Supreme Court hit a home run in First Amendment terms with its unanimous decision to strike down a North Carolina law that banned convicted sex offenders from accessing commercial social networking sites used by minors for personal profiles or the like. But the...

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NY Candidate Proposes “Mentally Ill Registry”

A New York political candidate is proposing a new registry, similar to the sex offender registry, only it will be for the mentally ill. Republican J.C. Polanco called for “mandating that state hospitals and correctional facilities inform the city immediately when...

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Legal Update: SORR Challenge

Many have been asking about the status of the SORR (Sex Offender Residency Restriction) Challenge which was recently reversed (in our favor) in the 11th Circuit (Federal Appellate Court). Trial in this case is scheduled for the two-week period commencing  Monday,...

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Legal Update – What’s going on with the Ex-Post-Facto Suit?

Earlier this year, thanks to the contributions of many of our members, we hit our fundraising goal to initiate a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the sex offender registration requirements on ex-post-facto grounds. Many have reached out to FAC or posted...

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