Housing restrictions being debated in Boulder, Colorado

The city of Boulder, Colorado is debating a residency restriction for "sexually violent predators", but even when it comes to the most dangerous classification of sex offenders, it seems cooler heads prevail in Colorado and the City is taking research and facts into...

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Contact Homeland Defense and ICE about Angel Watch process

With implementation of IML looming, many registrants and their family members are understandably concerned about the passport identifier and Angle Watch.  You deserve answers but I have not been able to get much direct information from the State Department or...

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International Megan’s Law to be Challenged in Federal Court

News for Sex Offenders The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) has announced that they intend to file a federal challenge to the passport identifier recently revealed by the U.S. State Department within the next 90 days. FAC has committed resources to...

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Did you know? – Changing Drivers Licenses for TEMPORARY Address

Florida Sex Offender Laws By now we all know (hopefully) that when visiting Florida, or staying at a temporary location for five (5) or more days, a sex offender is required to register where they are staying as a "temporary address". But did you know that in addition...

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Sex offenders calling Central Florida shopping centers home

News About Florida Sex Offender Registry More than a dozen registered sex offenders have listed a Central Florida Walmart as their home address. Most people know they can go to the state database and search your home address to find if any sex offenders live nearby....

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