Sex offender revamp in works under state bill

SACRAMENTO — California’s sex offender registry didn’t protect Chelsea King. A registered child predator abducted, raped and murdered the 17-year-old high school senior after she set off for a jog on the trails around Lake Hodges in San Diego County in 2010....

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Woman’s License Mistakenly Marked ‘Sexual Predator’

A Florida woman took her children to Disney World for a fun weekend, but was denied service at the hotel. When she asked why she was not allowed to stay there, she was shocked by the response. Now, the mother is taking legal action. Tammy Lemasters was denied service...

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Florida Supreme Court: Cant search cellphone without a warrant.

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Police need a warrant to search a cellphone - even if it is incident to an arrest. In the case of Carpenter v. Florida, a defendant was arrested when he traveled to meet who he thought was a minor (it was, of course, a...

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Sheriff says transients jeopardize public safety

The following is an excerpt from Northern Colorado's Reporter-Herald News. If individuals are legislated into homelessness, what do they think will happen? ---- In the wake of Wednesday's arrest of a transient Fort Collins man on suspicion of first-degree murder,...

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Well Deserved: Patty Wetterling wins national award

Patty Wetterling, the mother of Jacob Wetterling, has been honored with the 2017 Gail-Burns Smith Award, given by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Wetterling, the mother of 11-year-old Jacob...

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Female teachers having sex with students

So we can't take credit for it, naturally, but a few weeks ago we posted a few stories about a blatant double standard in the prosecution of sex offender cases. Female teachers who have sexual relationships with minors receive FAR less time than male teachers who do....

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16 Sex Offenders List This Walmart As Their Home Address

Maybe someone should call WFTV to complain about the residency restrictions that leave these people with noplace to live other than a Walmart parking lot.... ____ Walmart's the place you go for $12 jeans or the latest, store-exclusive Oreo flavor, but recently, the...

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