The absurdity of inflexible sex offender laws

A couple of months ago, the hot topic here in Florida was emergency preparedness during a hurricane. With a category 4 storm approaching, Florida sex offenders who were homeless or in evacuation zones were scrambling to find shelter - only to discover that they were...

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Feds Cut Budget for Halfway Houses

Although not directly related to a sex offender issue, of interest to anyone with a loved one incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons; the Feds announced they have cut significantly from the budget - ending contracts with 16 facilities since the new...

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FDLE Helps Spread Halloween Fear Through False Statements

Robert Moon, who "helps manage the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's sex offender registry" according to this Tallahassee, FL news story, is quoted as saying, "Everybody on the website has committed a felony or they've committed a crime in another jurisdiction...

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WPTV: Sex offenders have strict Halloween instructions

On Tuesday night, law enforcement will be out making sure sex offenders are following the rules. The Florida Department of Corrections says sex offenders are given strict instructions on Halloween: Do not give out candy or other treats. Turn off porch lights, close...

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India and Jamaica denying entry to registered sex offenders

Registrant Travel Action Group ( has updated it's travel matrix to unfortunately reflect India and Jamaica as countries that are denying entry to individuals registered as sex offenders. The link to their travel matrix can be found below....

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“Unique Identifier” revealed for Sex Offender Passports

The US Department of State issued a press release friday announcing the "unique identifier it will be using for the passports of covered sex offenders. it reads:   On February 8, 2016, Congress enacted the International Megan's Law to Prevent Child Exploitation...

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