Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

As residents of Florida are bracing down to prepare for Hurricane Irma, what is expected to be the strongest natural disaster to hit the Atlantic coast this century, Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, takes the time to post the following message to his Twitter account:...

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In the interest of time, we are asking members to contact their local probation office and Sheriff's department to find out what provisions are being made for Registered Sex Offenders and Predators in each County/City. Since registrants are excluded from most...

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Indiana Court Rules School Ban for Parents Unconstitutional

In another big win yesterday, an Indiana appellate Court determined that a law banning sex offenders from schools is Unconstitutional as applied to parents of children attending that school whose cases pre-date the law. The Judge's order found that restricting the...

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FAC Letter to Miami-Dade Commissioners

Earlier this week, the Florida Action Committee sent a letter to the County Commissioners for Miami-Dade County, requesting the repeal of the sex offender residency restriction that has caused over 250 individuals to live in squalor, without shelter or sanitation...

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CO: Federal Court Finds Registry “Cruel and Unusual”

A HUGE win out of Colorado, where a Federal Judge declared the Sex Offender Registry to be "cruel and unusual" punishment. In his ruling, which can be read HERE, he opined that the sex offender registry gives the public the “power to inflict punishments beyond those...

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