Sex Offenders and Public Safety: A Four-Part Series

NPR released a four-part series on "Sex Offenders and Public Safety". You can use the following links to listen to parts one and two:

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Sensationalism in headlines spurs false fears

A Texas FOX News affiliate just posted a story with the following headline, "Ingham County looking to charge 4 sex offenders after verification operation". What the headline could have just as easily read was, "97% of registered sex offenders found to be compliant...

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Call To Action: Miami-Dade Homeless Encampment

After years of posting about the growing encampment of transient sex offenders in Miami-Dade County, it has taken some recent bad media exposure for the County to do something about it. And who do they appoint to spearhead the effort to relocate them? Ron Book! The...

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Former Senator Greg Evers

It is with a heavy heart I break this news. Though many of you did not know him, Greg Evers was a Senator and Gentleman Farmer. He chaired the Criminal Justice Committee in Tallahassee for several years. He understood our issue better than most in Tallahassee and...

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