Be wary of emotionally charged laws named after dead people

There's an old adage in politics that says "it's always better to do something than nothing." One look at emotionally charged legislation like Kate's Law, however, and that hackneyed phrase gets turned on its head. Officially titled "Establishing Mandatory Minimums...

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Florida Internet Identifier Challenge Allowed to Proceed

The Federal District Court Judge presiding over the Internet identifier lawsuit is allowing the case to proceed despite the State of Florida's claim that they amended the statute (the definition of Internet identifiers) and the suit is now Moot. Among other motions...

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PA: Court: Tougher Sex Offender Reporting Can’t Be Retroactive

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that changes enacted five years ago to toughen reporting requirements under Pennsylvania's sex offender registration law cannot be applied retroactively. The high court said Jose M. Muniz, convicted in Cumberland County...

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules SORNA Unconstitutional

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court today ruled SORNA Unconstitutional as applied to an individual whose offenses predate it's enactment. The Court found: 1) SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment notwithstanding the General Assembly’s identification of the...

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Dennis Hastert released from Prison

Hypocrite, former Speaker of the House and second-in-line to the presidency, Dennis Hastert has been released from prison after about a year of incarceration. Hastert was convicted of banking crimes for having not reported close to a million dollars of cash withdrawn...

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CA: Bill offers needed reform for sex offender registry

California’s cluttered sex offender registry is too large to be effective and must be reformed if it is to be of any use to law enforcement. One of only four states to require universal lifetime registration for all sex offenders regardless of their offense or risk of...

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