If you have recently been released from a Florida DOC managed prison facility you will know this personally and intimately.  If you were released from a Florida DOC managed prison facility a long time ago, you would still have a personal awareness of how rundown these facilities are.  

A study prepared by consulting firm KPMG has reported that Florida prison’s require substantial maintenance.  Maintenance that has been put off for years is now coming due.  One would believe it can no longer be delayed.  Somehow, it seems there is always a perfectly good reason to not do anything about it.  A $2 billion spending program to make prisons better will undergo serious debate.

The second take on this study also shows that it would cost $580 million to air condition these facilities.  As a politician who wants to be seen as tough on crime would ask – isn’t this money better spent on salaries for DOC workers who have a record of high turnover?  The common-sense business consultant replied that salaries are only part of the reason for the high turnover.  The DOC employees suffer along with inmates in the same heat.  Many DOC employees are suspected to leave for such bad work conditions.  Just to close this thought: if conditions are so bad employees in these facilities which are often located in the middle of nowhere so no other job prospects exist, imagine the toll it takes on the incarcerated.  


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