Surgical castration bill passes in Louisiana

Child sex offenders convicted of aggravated rape, aggravated incestuous crime or aggravated crime against nature with victims under age 13 would be forced to undergo surgery inside prisons. If Governor Jeff Landry signs the bill, Louisiana would become the first state...

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Some CP cases will now be lowered to a misdemeanor in Germany

Germany has recognized that there are numerous problems with their minimum sentence guidelines for some CP cases.  There are people who have received CP involuntarily such as through a WhatsApp parents’ group.  Teachers have discovered CP material on “students’ cell...

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Information needed to share with FDLE

Two Florida Action Committee members are planning to meet with an FDLE representative in June.  The Weekly Update that was recently emailed to members requested certain information be sent to us to present at our meeting with FDLE.  We are also addressing the need in...

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Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2024

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Text Registration Reminders

Get reminded to register on your months via SMS text messages. Just text "START" to 727-233-4785 to begin -OR- click HERE for more details and a flyer which can be printed and shared with others.

No warranty or liability implied. It is always YOUR responsibility to register. Intended as a backup reminder. Service provided free as a courtesy. Standard text message rates may apply.

In-Person Reporting Challenge (FUNDED)

The goal of this legal challenge is to eliminate or significantly reduce the requirement to physically report (in-person) to the Sheriff's office.

General Fund 2024

Thank you for your contributions to the General Operating and Membership Fund. FAC does not receive grants or funding as a 501c4 organization. Each dollar received is needed to cover the costs of communications, membership meetings, mailings, conference attendance, professional organization fees, supplies, printing, and postage. Our goal is to reach every registered citizen in FL, and have a seat at every possible table to let our voices be heard. This is a non-profit organization; the more we can raise, the more work we can do, and the more places we can be. No one in the organization is paid for their time and service.

Non-Registrant Collateral Consequences Challenge

This lawsuit will challenge the registration requirements imposed on people not on the registry! It will be brought on behalf of registrants' family, friends, employers and others who are impacted by the registry by virtue of living with, employing, or even sharing the same family name as a registrant. Plaintiffs will be spouses who have their vehicles registered and flagged, children who can't have a parent watch them graduate or perform in a school play, roommates who are prevented from decorating their home for the holidays, and others.

Out of State Challenge

The goal of this legal challenge is to remove anyone on the registry who is not currently residing in the Florida community.
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