Florida man kills mom’s sex offender fiance

The story begins; "ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A SWAT standoff in unincorporated Pinellas County has ended with a deputy shot and a sex offender dead." Why can't they just write, "... left a man dead?" The victim, who happened to be a registrant, was killed by a mentally...

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The Dobbs Wire: Cyber vice squads and neo-Puritans

The latest issue of Reason Magazine has much about sex!   Pleasure, alas, has a price.  As Katherine Mangu-Ward explains, “the legal risk of many common sexual choices is skyrocketing.”  Several essays exploring that theme are now available online.  Cyber vice squads...

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Reporter Vaughn interviewed source of “High” re-offense myth.

In the past couple of weeks, large mainstream news outlets, including the NY Times and Washington Post, have reported on the significant myth perpetuated as a result of the US Supreme Court's statement that sex offender recidivism rates were "frightening and high." ...

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The Dobbs Wire: How did the stakes get this high – LWOP?

Oregon:  A man is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the crime of public indecency. “Getting caught masturbating on a MAX train,” the local mass transit system.  How did the stakes get this high?  There are some prior convictions, but no...

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Florida Appellate Courts Bound by Shelley Case (Double Jeopardy)

Last week Florida's 1st District Court of Appeals issued an order in Santiago-Morales v Florida that acknowledged it was bound by the precedent decision in State v. Shelley, 176 So. 3d 914, 916 (Fla. 2015), which held that double-jeopardy principles prohibit separate...

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‘There must be a better way’ to look at sex offenses

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), there are 843,260 registered sex offenders listed in the United States. Some will spend five, 10 or 40 years in prison, but in truth, when they get out and reenter society, offenders are...

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The Washington Post: The big lie about sex offenders

Much of the destructive, extra-punishment punishment we inflict on sex offenders is due to the widely held belief that they’re more likely to re-offend than the perpetrators of other classes of crimes. This has been the main justification for the Supreme Court’s...

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