PA: State Supreme Court remanding cases after Muniz

Sex offender cases in Pennsylvania are being remanded in the wake of Commonwealth v. Muniz, the PA case which found their registry unconstitutional under the ex post facto clauses of the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions. In Commonwealth v. Polzer, the...

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Operation “Paladin’s Shield” Nets 8 in Walton County, FL

There are several things that strike me as incredible from the most recent Florida online sex sting. (1) People still fall for this BS! Honestly, after decades of police pulling the same scam, unless you've been under a rock for 20 years, you have to know that the...

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Sat., Mar. 10, 12-3 p.m. West Regional Library 8601 West Broward Boulevard Plantation, Florida 33324 This year's dynamic speakers will talk about civil liberties issues that will affect Floridians in the months ahead. Panelists include: Howard Simon, ACLU of Florida...

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SCOTUS to hear Sex Offender Case

The Supreme Court of the US has agreed to hear a sex offender case., Gundy v. United States. The issues in the case are: (1) Whether convicted sex offenders are “required to register” under the federal Sex Offender Notification and Registration Act while in custody,...

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