Should NC sex offenders pay to be on registry?

RALEIGH -- Sex offenders would have to pay an annual fine to be listed on the state’s sex offender registry under a bill proposed by N.C. Rep. Ted Davis, R-New Hanover. “There is a cost to continuing to have them on that registry,” Davis said. “The point of this is to...

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2nd Circuit Declares CP Sentence Unreasonable

In Jenkins (attached), the Second Circuit reversed as substantively unreasonable a within-guideline sentence of 225 months (plus 25 years of supervised release) in a child pornography case in which the defendant was convicted of possession and transportation, and the...

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The punishments are getting out of hand!

The punishment for minor registration violations are out of hand. Case in point, this story out of West Virginia: BUCKHANNON — The West Virginia State Police have made an arrest for a man failing to update his sex offender registry. John Paul Shipman, 43, of Adrian,...

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Member Submission: Murder worse than a sex offense?

This woman received only 6 years for chasing down and killing a navy service member with her car; he was on a motorcycle. I can't even appreciate her being upset, she's losing six years, whereas he lost his life. But, more to the point, she will be free in six or less...

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100 Years for first-time CP offender

A 36-year-old St. Johns County man is looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars after Circuit Court Judge Howard Maltz sentenced him to 100 years in prison Wednesday morning. The sentencing came nearly two months after a jury found Jesse Graham Berben...

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NY: Local sex offender law ruled unconstitutional

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - A Cheektowaga law created more than a decade ago to serve as a tougher version of New York's sex offender law. Now, it's being called unconstitutional. Cheektowaga council member Alice Magierski says the local law extended the distance any level...

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NY: No sex offender registration for non-sexual offense.

Today, an Appellate Court in NY issued an opinion in People v. Diaz holding that an individual cannot be subject to Sex Offender registration for a non-sexual offense committed in another state. In 1989, Frederick Diaz was upset with his 13 year old sister because she...

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