Police chief arrested in undercover child sex sting

(CNN) The online ad was pretty blunt: "Dominate [sic] male police officer seeks fun, discreet, sub playmate -- m4w." Before long, that officer got a response from a purported 14-year-old girl. And the age didn't dissuade him, authorities said. "... everyone has to...

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Leo Carroll: Base sex offender laws on facts rather than myths

Two decades of research regarding the effects of sex offender laws have produced no evidence that such laws achieve their stated purposes. A recent review of research on community notification and residency restriction laws in the Oxford Handbook of Sex Offences and...

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Task force recommends changing sex offender rules

CHICAGO — Major changes in Illinois' rules for sex offenders, including how long an offender must remain on a public registry, are part of a final report on its way to the governor's office from the Sex Offenses & Sex Offender Registration Task Force. The report...

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Broward Members: Participation needed in research study

This research study is requesting the participation of sex offenders’ intimate partners   Research question: What are the lived experiences of the intimate partners of sex offenders?  The purpose of the study is to examine what life is like for someone in an...

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Member Submission – Jacksonville

The following was submitted by a member in Jacksonville. We strongly suggest the members there (in Duval County) get together, organize a plan to challenge some of the ordinances unique to your county. Between the following and the Halloween ordinance, you should be...

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