Share your comments on Patch’s “Sex Offender Maps”

As we mentioned in our weekly update, every year, publishes city maps, highlighting the addresses of registered sex offenders, claiming they are "Halloween Safety Maps". Well they are not. As NARSOL points out in a letter to Patch, this type of fear...

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Foul play suspected in death of missing sex offender

Last week, Hernando County deputies put up an alert about a missing sex offender who they reported had cut off his ankle monitor and disappeared. Yesterday, the man was found dead, with the Hernando Sheriff calling him the "victim of foul play" We will continue to...

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Another Michigan Sex Offender Registry Case

News About Sex Offender Registry - Michigan The Michigan Supreme Court is hearing a case today concerning a man who decades ago touched a girls breasts. His probation and community service were completed in 1997 and his case was dismissed. He has no conviction. Even...

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ClearMyCase: a warning to registrants

Although FAC has not been served yet, we have been made aware that has sued us for defamation. While it's generally not advisable to comment on pending litigation, we wanted to keep our members informed, especially in light of yesterday's article in...

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Is de-listing sex offenders even possible? Lawsuit claims it is

Maybe we should call it a war between sex offender advocates? Strange lawsuit filed in a local federal court: A Texas-based service that claims to help sexual offenders get off the state registry that limits where they can live and work is suing a Boynton Beach...

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