NC Court says NO to Retroactive Lifetime GPS

A North Carolina Appellate Court ruled that a twice convicted sex offender (1997 and 2006) could not be brought back to Court and retroactively sanctioned with lifetime GPS years later. The defendant was dragged back into court in 2013, 7 years later, and ordered to...

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Life on the List: Why Reporters Should Stop Using “Predator”

SOURCE “The anonymity of the Internet has allowed predators to easily hide or misrepresent themselves.”  - ABC News, August 2017 “Concerns about sexual predators have led communities in 30 U.S. states to adopt laws limiting where registered sex offenders can live.” -...

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Must Watch – Argument in IL Supreme Court in People v. Bingham

The below video is from the recent argument before the Illinois Supreme Court in People v. Bingham. Jerome Bingham, who committed a sexual offense more than 30 years ago, was arrested for stealing pallets. As a consequence of his stealing these wooden pallets and a...

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Mother of Beaten Inmate Files Lawsuit

Harley Holt was being held in a Jefferson Missouri jail on a charge of failure to register, when two other inmates beat him. He was put into a separate cell, but his repeated requests for medical attention were ignored. Eventually, he lost conscious and was taken to...

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Sex offender registry: More harm than good?

In the 1990s, in response to a number of horrific and highly publicized crimes against children, states and the federal government created stringent penalties for sex offenders, notably registries where offenders’ names and addresses are available to the public. But...

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Wisconsin High Court: Lifetime GPS Monitoring Not Punishment

The Wisconsin Supreme Court says a judge wasn't required to tell a man he would face a lifetime of GPS monitoring upon pleading guilty to child sex crimes because such monitoring is a public safety measure, not a form of punishment. A Wisconsin judge wasn't required...

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Ex Post Facto Retainer

The goal of this legal challenge is to have the registry recognized as punitive rather than administrative. The most immediate and obvious consequence of this would be that only laws and registration requirements active at the time of offense could be applied to a registrant.

In-Person Reporting Challenge

The goal of this legal challenge is to eliminate or significantly reduce the requirement to physically report (in-person) to the Sheriff's office.

Out of State Challenge

The goal of this legal challenge is to remove anyone on the registry who is not currently residing in the Florida community.

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