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Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

North Carolina Strikes Lifetime GPS as Unconstitutional

The North Carolina Supreme Court has just struck down lifetime GPS-monitoring for persons required to register as sex offenders who are not on parole or probation as unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment (Search and Seizure). The importance of this case is that the...

Not a conspiracy theory – just sharing facts.

Since Jeffrey Epstein died this past Saturday, we've really been holding back on writing anything about it for fear of contributing to a practice we've always discouraged; perpetuating personal theories or myths. As people required to register, we absolutely do not...

Glaring loopholes in national sex offender registry raise concerns

This was actually a decent story from Fox News. It makes the general point that the registry is not working and the confusing patchwork of different state laws and local restrictions makes compliance and enforcement impossible. Here are some excerpts: Amid the fallout...

Unnecessary shaming

I just read a story in My San Antonio about a man who died after he was hit by cars while trying to run across a highway. I get to the end of the story and they add that the man was "listed as a registered sex offender in Texas. He was convicted of sexually assaulting...

Sex offenders’ prison deaths often are ‘choreographed’

The following are excerpts from a Miami Herald Opinion piece on the murders of persons required to register as sex offenders in prison. "[W]e know violence and abuse in prisons aren’t always the result of supervisory vacuums. In fact, deaths of people accused of sex...

Senator Lauren Book….in her own words

This week on Facing South Florida, Florida state Senator Lauren Book joined host Jim DeFede to discuss the call for an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into how the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office handled the Jeffrey Epstein case back in 2008....

Congratulations Derek!!! Appellate Court Voids Lauren Book’s Injunction

The order was issued by the 4th District Court of Appeals today so it's being posted prior to our adding commentary in an effort to share this as quickly as possible. The court voided Senator Lauren Book's restraining order against Once Fallen's Derek Logue. We all...

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