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Keep up to date on changes in the Registrant community.  Legislative actions, news, studies, and current events.  See the links below for more information or be a voice for change by joining Florida Action Committee.

Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Member Submission: Information asked during address verification.

Members have been writing in letting us know that officers are asking interrogating questions during the address verification, including information that is not even registrable (see below). Remember to only identify yourself by showing your ID and that's all. You do...

Another Double Jeopardy victory.

Last week we had our monthly member call and the topic was online stings. Even though it does not appear as though these bait and switch stings will stop anytime soon, it's good to see the practice of stacking charges for the same offense being shut down (at least at...

Public Perceptions Of Youth Who Commit Sexual Offense

Few crimes stimulate such visceral reactions and deep-seated fears as sexual offenses. Accordingly, societal responses to sexual offending such as registration and notification laws tend to be quite punitive and highly stigmatizing for the offender. Yet these social...

Banishing ‘Sex Offenders’: How Meaningless Language Makes Bad Law

Read the essay by Guy Hamilton-Smith on how the term "sex offender" is functionally meaningless, and invites policy responses that are out of step with the reality of sexual harm. These policy responses, in turn, hobble our efforts to reckon with sexual harm,...

ACSOL: Book Offers Insight, Identifies Trends in Registrant Community

From ACSOL: The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Law (ACSOL) and the registrant community is the focus of a newly published book by ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  The book, Show Up – Stand Up – Speak, offers insights and identifies trends in the...

NY: Sex offender risk assessments said to have little predictive value

Convicted sex offenders under New York law must have their risk of reoffense assessed by courts under the Sex Offender Registration Act (“SORA” or “Megan’s Law”) with courts determining whether offenders are at low, moderate or high risk to re-offend. The rankings not...

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