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Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

AZ: Hostilities, Sex Crime Allegations Slow Arizona Registry Reform

Reform in Arizona looks far less certain after the bill aimed at increasing eligibility for removal from the registry appears to be missing from the house agenda. House Speaker Rusty Bowers, R-Mesa, sponsored House Bill 2613, which he crafted with assistance from the...

CA: Appeals court strikes down state law that excluded sex offenders.

A 2017 California law that reducing mandatory penalties for youthful offenders applied to all crimes, including non-capital murders, except for violent sex offenses. That law was challenged and an appellate court struck it down. According to the San Francisco...

One of three charges against Ron Book dropped

The prosecution has filed their Information against Ron Book in his DUI case. Notably absent is one of the charges (refusing to submit to a breathalyzer), which the State Attorney chose not to bring because of "lack of evidence". In Florida, refusing to blow is a...

Member Submissions: Volusia and Job Opportunities

A member in Volusia County recently received a call from his Sheriff's office. After reading about the scams online, he called back and was told that they wanted him to come in and give another DNA sample. Has this happened to anyone else? Another member wanted to...

PA: High court will again review sex offender registration

Two years ago, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court shook up long-settled orthodoxy by ruling that the state’s sex offender registration law, otherwise known as SORNA (Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act) was punishment. The case, Commonwealth v. Muniz, 164...

Authority to own a firearm

Under the Florida Office of Executive Clemency, an ex-offender who has "completed all sentences imposed and all conditions of supervision have expired or been completed, for a period of no less than 8 years" may apply for authority to own, possess or use a firearm. In...

ACSOL – International Travel

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL), a national organization based in California, has put together some information on international travel for persons required to register as well as a form to gather information from those who have traveled, in...

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