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Blogs with News Stories on Sex Offender Issues:

Amazon sued for wrongly using Megan’s Law website information.

Here's one we've not seen before. A plaintiff has initiated a class action lawsuit against Amazon and it's background check company for illegally using California's sex offender registry information as part of it's employment screening process. Plaintiff was convicted...

No more statute of limitations for minor victims of sexual offenses

Last week President Biden signed the Eliminating Limits to Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims Act into law. The act eliminates the statute of limitations for a minor victim of a human trafficking offense or federal sex offense to file a civil action to recover...

Victory in Supreme Court of Virginia against out-of-control prosecution

Justices declare effort targeting leading advocate illegal, ending 5-year court battle On Thursday, the highest court in Virginia ended the Commonwealth’s 13-year campaign to indefinitely detain a prominent advocate on criminal justice matters, Galen Baughman. In a...

A follow-up to our in-person college post

Just before this post we posted another story about a NY political candidate who (as a ploy to get elected) has suggested a bill to prevent people who are required to register as a sex offender from attending college classes in person. (see:...

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