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90-93% of Victims Know Their Perpetrator


90% or More of Future Sex Crimes Will Be Committed by People Not on the Registry

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Bloated Florida Registry


Collateral Damages


Costs, pages 15-16





NARSOL Calls out Patch.pdf

Sexual Abuse: Halloween and sexual abuse prevention: The mythical “Halloween effect” (

Halloween: When Sex Offenders Are the Scariest Ghosts | Psychology Today

Sexual Abuse: Halloween & Sex Crime: Myth vs. Reality (

Manufacturing Fear: Halloween Laws for Sex Offenders | HuffPost


Low-Risk Registrants Do Not Need Monitoring



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Registries Do Not Work

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Residency Restrictions Do Not Work, page 22, see question 15


Residency Restrictions Promote Homelessness


Sexual Recidivism Rates

Video at  (7.7 % of released inmates whose most serious offense was rape or sexual assault committed a new sex crime during their 9 years of release from prison in 2005.), page 14


Stranger Danger Myth Debunked


Victims  (Pages 26-28)


What Does Work

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Who Are the People on the Sex Offense Registry?



















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