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90-93% of Victims Know Their Perpetrator

RAINN: Children and Teens: Statistics


90% or More of Future Sex Crimes Will Be Committed by People Not on the Registry


Bloated Florida Registry

Sex Offender Registration (


Collateral Damages


Costs, pages 15-16


CP  Federal Sentencing of CP Non-Production Offenses, United States Sentencing Commission, June 2021  (The sexual recidivism rate for all non-production child pornography offenders was 4.3% three years after release from incarceration or the commencement of probation —  page 65.  The data used was for offenders sentenced for the 15-year period  between fiscal years 2005 to 2019 — Page 16.)





20-09-Halloween-2020.pdf (

Sexual Abuse: Halloween and sexual abuse prevention: The mythical “Halloween effect” (

Halloween: When Sex Offenders Are the Scariest Ghosts | Psychology Today

Sexual Abuse: Halloween & Sex Crime: Myth vs. Reality (

Manufacturing Fear: Halloween Laws for Sex Offenders | HuffPost


Low-Risk Registrants Do Not Need Monitoring



Video at


Registries Do Not Work  

“Time-Series Analyses of the Impact of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law Implementation and Subsequent Modification on Rates of Sexual Offenses” (Page 1: Using data from a large metropolitan area in Texas over the time period 1977 to 2012, and employing a number of time-series analyses, the impact of the initial SORN implementation and two enhancements to the law were examined.  Results reveal no effect of SORN, or its subsequent modifications, on all sexual offenses or any of the several specific offenses’ measures (e.g., crimes by repeat offenders).  Pages 25-26: A growing number of studies suggest that the implementation of SORN requirements has had little relationship to rates of sexual offending over time.  The current results, in conjunction with much of the existing research on SORN laws, suggest that these requirements alone may do little to combat the problems posed by sexual offenders in the community.)

The Sexual Psychopath Laws (  See pages 547-548 (Research from 1950 showing that the low sexual recidivism rates existed long before the registry came along)

Is the Tide Turning Against Public Sex Offender Registries?

American Law Institute Adopts Revisions to Model Penal Code That Include Major Changes to Sex Offender Registries


Residency Restrictions Do Not Work, page 22, see question 15


Residency Restrictions Promote Homelessness

Where for Art Thou? Transient Sex Offenders and Residence Restrictions – Jill Levenson, Alissa R. Ackerman, Kelly M. Socia, Andrew J. Harris, 2015 (

Sex Offender Registration (, pages 25 and 26


Sexual Recidivism Rates

The Sexual Psychopath Laws (   See pages 547-548 (Research from 1950 showing that the low sexual recidivism rates existed long before the registry came along)

State by State Recidivism Studies by NARSOL

Video at  , Karl Hanson, 23 min: 20 sec, January 2021, lifetime sexual recidivism rates  (7.7 % of released inmates whose most serious offense was rape or sexual assault committed a new sex crime during their 9 years of release from prison in 2005.), page 14


Stranger Danger Myth Debunked


Victims  (Pages 26-28)


What Does Work

Video at


Who Are the People on the Sex Offense Registry?



















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