Can an SO be violated for not "spending enough time" at the registered address?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Florida State Registry LawCan an SO be violated for not "spending enough time" at the registered address?
support asked 1 year ago

For example, Orlando PD harassed me a year or two ago threatening surveillance on me and throwing me in jail if I pissed him off and blah blah blah….because I wasn’t there when he showed up at 4 in the morning to do the address verification. He and his supervisor accused me of trying to “skirt the law” by only being at my house for a couple hours a day, namely when the night changes to the next day. They said that it’s a “gray area” but not to worry because they are making a case and keeping everyone’s information on it that they think they can charge if a law ever comes about restricting the amount of time we “have” to spend at home.

I did 6 years of probation, so I know that on probation there IS a minimum amount of time that must be spent in the house, but I was under the impression that when an SO is off of probation, there is no amount of time that the person MUST be in the registered address.

Now obviously arriving at 2359 and leaving at 0001 would probably raise a few eyebrows, but that is not what I am referring to. Even if that was the case, would it still be considered breaking any law(s)….?

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