If we’re free to travel as long as we check out, How can the police put a "Time Frame" on when we can check out ???

DWQA QuestionsCategory: County & Local Registry LawIf we’re free to travel as long as we check out, How can the police put a "Time Frame" on when we can check out ???
Anonymous asked 1 year ago

I’m not on any type of supervision. Don’t have any type of restrictions except being on the (illegal) Registry. And I travel ALOT out of State for work. And I sometimes need to leave late in the Day or on the weekends and at night. BUT I CAN’T, Because Marion County Sheriff only ALLOWS us to check out between 9 & 3:30 During the week, And are closed Wednesday and Weekends. This has caused me to loose THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS !!!. I’ve tried discussing this with the Sex Offender Unit but was told that that’s how they do it, And if I left the state without checking out IN PERSON, I would be ARRESTED AND PUT IN PRISON !!! I lived in Polk County several years ago and even tho it’s a Crazy County, Atleast they offered 24hr Travel Check Out through the Jail Book In. Marion County says they don’t offer any other way to check out and be in “COMPLIANCE”, And say they DON’T CARE about my needs to “LEGALLY” Travel after hours or Weekends !!!!. So, What Can We Do if we need to leave the State and CAN’T check out ??. If we’re”ALLOWED” to travel , How can Law Enforcement dictate when we can ???. Is the Constitution and our Bill Of Rights really a Thing Of The Past ???

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Florida Action Committee Staff answered 1 year ago

The number of IN PERSON registriations is something we are challenging.
Keep in mind, any INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL requires 21 days notice.
INTERSTATE (from state to state) only requires travel notification if you establish a new temporary or permanent residence. That’s 5 or more days. If you travel overnight or for a weekend, you don’t need to check out (that’s less than 5 days).
If you travel for longer, be sure to check into a different hotel after 4 days, otherwise, your hotel will become a new temporary residence and you will be required to register.

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