I am very interested in getting caught up on the cases in which FAC is currently involved in.

DWQA QuestionsCategory: LegalI am very interested in getting caught up on the cases in which FAC is currently involved in.
support asked 6 years ago

1.  You all already tried to fight Miami via the State Court system and was finally denied by the 3rd District FL Appeals Court correct?  Did that case then get filed with the State Supreme Court?  And did they refuse to hear it?

2.  Why is FAC first not asking any court, either state or federal to declare these laws “punitive.”  Wouldn’t pave a “golden road” in the courts for many other issues?

3.  Is the ACLU still representing FAC in the Miami case?

4.  What is the current status of the ex-post facto case in which FAC is pursuing?

5.  I, personally, am due to be removed from the list, as the law stated when I was sentenced that i could “apply for removal” after 20 years.  Should i begin fighting this myself or would you all like my case or is what you all doing applicable to my case and therefore I should wait?

6.  Is there anything I can do to help?  Does FAC have financial backing?  Where can I send the check?

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FAC Contributor #1 Staff answered 6 years ago

Statuses of our cases are regularly posted on our site and discussed on certain monthly member calls. Please search our site for the latest news or join our calls.
I will answer your questions in the order presented…
1. No – our case was filed in the Southern District of Florida (Federal Court). It was dismissed, went to the 11th Circult who reversed. It is moving forward.

2. FAC’s legal strategy is decided on by our legal committee in consultation with the attorneys we retain to represent us.

3.  Yes

4.  We are fundraising so that we can launch in Q1 2017.

5.  If that is something that YOUR judgment stated, it would be “as applied” to you only. Therefore it is a case you would have to file yourself. I would recommend retaining an attorney and not doing it pro se.

6.  Yes and FAC is 100% supported by donations from our members all staff are volunteers, nobody is paid a cent. You can go to this link to donate: https://floridaactioncommittee.org/donations (Mailing address for checks is also on that page)

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