There’s nothing that gets my blood boiling more than individuals who try to cash in on the vulnerability of registrants and who use the public registry as a marketing database for their racket.

We are getting reports from members who are receiving letters from an “Impact Legal Services” in Orlando that is offering document preparation “legal analysis” and “law support” concerning the sex offender registry for the “discounted” rate of $75-125/hour with fees for documents “starting as low as $200”.

I will not republish their website here because I don’t want to give them the back link or direct anyone to their site in fear that they will be desperate enough to pay them something. But know that if you get an unsolicited letter because you are on the registry from anyone offering you a service for a fee, BEWARE! Especially legal services from non-lawyers!!!

Any form of legal assistance should only be provided by someone who is licensed and qualified to provide it. If you are looking for an unqualified opinion from a non-lawyer, ask your question on our forum for free. But please do not enrich them by sending them money!

And it’s not just about losing a few hundred (or thousand) dollars (hink “Clear My Case”)! It’s about the worse possibility; filing garbage and creating bad precedent that will screw things up for the rest of us (think Estes-Hightower). How well did things go for those who bought in to their solicitation? How well did it go for the rest of us who now have to deal with the bad precedent in the 5th Circuit and Northern District of Florida?

Thanks to those who received this letter and gave us the heads-up to be able to warn other members. Good looking out!


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