Dear Members and Advocates,

For as many years as I’ve been preparing the weekly updates, the Thanksgiving week update is the one that I’ve always struggled the most with. As I reflect on all the things I’m thankful for, a part of me always feels very guilty. Many among us won’t be celebrating the holiday with a hearty meal or even a roof over their head, because they are relegated to sleeping under an overpass or in the woods somewhere. My conscience finds it difficult to find thankfulness for anything while this is going on.

I’m very cognizant that what I write each week will be read by hundreds of members on our email list and my words will resonate differently for each. Some might be thank thankful for your homes, but we need to think of those that are homeless. Of those that are homeless, we need to think of the more than 100 in Miami-Dade who were just evicted from their encampment and don’t know under which bridge or which street corner they will be in a week. Then, of those, there are others who were at the same encampment who died within the past year. In fact, two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit died! It’s sad and while all this persists I feel very guilty being thankful at all.

For all persons on this horrible list, the registry has stripped us of our freedom and liberties, but for many of us, the registry has also stripped us of our basic human necessities, our families, shelter, running water… even our lives.  We need to stay thankful for what we do have; jobs for those who can find employment, shelter for those who have housing, and support for those who have family and friends around them. We need to be thankful and appreciate the simple things we have, because in doing so we acknowledge that others don’t even have what we do.

But we all have hope…

This time, the media has given some very hopeful coverage of the recent events at the Miami-Dade homeless encampment. The Miami-Herald and the Miami New Times both ran major stories this past week, questioning the efficacy of the new laws and favoring the opinions of someone other than Ron Book! It’s such a positive change in stance from how things were reported years ago. It’s also incredibly encouraging that reporters are receptive to our position. Within minutes of the police showing up with eviction notices, we issued a call to action and shortly after members began reaching out to the media we were contacted for comment. Within days the story was out and received prominent attention. This would have never happened years ago and I’m thankful for the progress we have made.

My “thankful” list has become much more humble the past couple decades but it has also taken on a deeper significance. One of the things I am most thankful for is that through my involvement with this organization I am blessed to be in a position where I can help those who have far less to be thankful for than I do. I am thankful to all of you who have stepped up during this past year and are having a huge impact in bringing change. I am thankful to all of you who read these words and care.

Thank you!

The Florida Action Committee

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