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The Florida Action Committee’s approach to effectuate change is three pronged; Educate, Legislate and Litigate.

The Legal Committee serves the third prong by providing legal advocacy services to our members.

The Legal Committee works with legal aid organizations and private attorneys to stay on top of legal issues affecting the registered population.  Additionally:

  • We field general questions from our members relating to legal requirements (such as registration and residency ordinances) by referring them to statutes or ordinances.
  • We review and provide internal guidance on current and proposed laws in order to assist our Legislative and Education Committees in their roles.
  • We monitor and disseminate updates concerning changes in the laws or decided cases (both in Florida and nationally) that can impact registered citizens.
  • We provide litigation support services to attorneys challenging sex offender laws by liaising with litigants, performing legal research, coordinating studies and soliciting experts.
  • We provide our members with legal referrals to attorneys specializing in sex offender issues.

You can contact the FAC Legal Committee by writing to [email protected].


It is important to note that FAC’s Legal Committee IS NOT a law firm. We are not attorneys and we are neither qualified nor licensed to provide legal advice. Additionally, we provide advocacy services in general matters impacting the entire community of registrants and we do not involve ourselves in individual criminal cases.


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