Another Florida Teacher Commits a Sex Crime

While laws keep anyone with a sexual offense anyplace in their history from living within 2500 feet of schools, Florida school teachers are  committing sex crimes. Yesterday, a Naples, FL teacher was arrested for two counts of sexual assault of a teen, sending...

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Sex offender law prompts lawsuit

Now the police are not only going after registrants, but those trying to help them too! A federal lawsuit filed against a county sheriff’s office in the Kansas City area alleges that an initiative to arrest sex offenders near a charity violates the organization’s...

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Hale homicide victim was a convicted sex offender

It's pretty sad and disgusting that this story begins by saying, "Before being killed and buried in his backyard in rural Michigan, a 72-year-old man served time for sexually assaulting a minor. The Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry states Roger L. Knickerbocker...

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Sex Offender, 81, Jumps Off Joliet Bridge, Drowns

An 81-year-old man who was a convicted sex offender took his own life on Friday morning by jumping off the downtown Cass Street Bridge, police said. A call came into the Joliet Police Department's communications center at 6:59 a.m. in reference to someone who jumped...

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The Dobbs Wire: A live TV news story brought out the pitchforks

Battle Creek, Michigan:  A local man hoping to open a new business saw his plans destroyed this week, a victim of panic triggered by a TV news report.  The onscreen headline tells plenty, SEX OFFENDER PROPOSES STORE.  A new food business set to open in a city with a...

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The Dobbs Wire: What about the reporters?

Steven Yoder, a terrific journalist on criminal justice and other issues, takes on the media with a pair of strong essays addressed to reporters who write about sex offenses. This is surely an important topic because what news and entertainment media cover as well as...

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