Don’t allow yourself to be shut out of public meetings.

Two weeks ago we told you about Florida's Sunshine Law, which provides (or is supposed to provide) open access to public meetings. Last week, in the 2nd District Court of Appeals, the Court decided The City of St. Petersburg v. Wright, which invalidated at St...

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Registrant Denied Access to Hospital For Son’s Surgery

Father on Sex Offender Registry Barred from Son's Hospital A member contacted us this week. He's on the registry for an offense that took place over 15 years ago. He brought his son to Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando for surgery and was denied access at the...

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Tragedy in Parkland, Florida. Another School Shooting

  It was not long ago that we reacted to the mass shootings in Las Vegas or at Pulse nightclub. Senseless tragedies. Situations where nothing appropriate can be said, except this should never be allowed to happen. When it happens at a school and children are...

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Scams Targeting Registered Sex Offenders

Registered Sex Offenders Targeted by Scam Artists from an Idaho State Police news release The Idaho Central Sex Offender Registry, administered by the Idaho State Police, has been made aware of several attempted scams targeting registered sex offenders in at least one...

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Indiana registrant fights to attend son’s school activities

Sex Offender Registry News An Indiana man convicted of child solicitation in 2010 is taking his case to the Indiana Supreme Court. He is challenging a law passed in 2015 that makes it a felony for him to enter school property. For the first 5 years he was granted...

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