FDLE offers guidance on reporting address changes to DHSMV

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote to the FDLE for clarification of what rules must be followed when someone establishes a new permanent or transient address. We were contacted by a member, already on the Florida Registry, who went to visit family in another county....

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Oklahoma Senator pleads guilty to child sex trafficking

Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shorty presented himself as a moral and conservative guy when it came to issues such as abortion and religion. In 2011 he co-sponsored a bill to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. In 2012, a bill requiring abortion providers to inform the...

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Sex scandals wreaking havoc on Florida politics

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Democratic Party chairman resigned Friday in shame. A Republican state senator faces possible expulsion for sexual harassment. The state Senate’s top Democratic leader abruptly stepped down after admitting an extramarital affair with a...

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California Men Sue Over Gay Sex Stings

Five California Men are Suing the City of San Jose after being arrested in a "gay sex sting." The charges against them were eventually dismissed, but undoubtedly much damage was done regardless. The men claim their Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights were violated...

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City Council Rejects Weapons Offender Registry

Let's examine the findings of this 2010 study from the State of Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management, Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Division: Offenders with a history of weapons charges had higher recidivism rates than offenders who have not been...

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Circles of Accountability and Support (COSA) working in Vermont.

This article talks about Circles of Accountability and Support (COSA). The program pioneered by Dr. Robin Wilson, that has seen the already low recidivism rate of sex offenders, further reduced by 70%. Unlike most sex offender policies, which tend to isolate returning...

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