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Take a guess: What percentage of convicted sex offenders will go on to commit a second sex crime? If you named any figure higher than 5 percent, social science says you're wrong. But don't worry, the U.S. Supreme Court doesn't know the right answer, either. More than...

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The Dobbs Wire: The War on Sex

The War on Sex, a long-awaited important collection of new essays about the unrelenting attacks on sexual civil liberties will be published March 24th.  A follow-up to the “Sex & Justice” conference in 2012, the book is a call to arms for academics and others to...

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Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act introduced in Congress

Sen Jim Sensenbrenner introduced the Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act yesterday in congress. The Act would seek to reauthorize the Adam Walsh Act for an additional five years. It is notable that while the AWA set requirements for all 50 states, The Justice Department...

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WARNING: ClearMyCase.com

We have been contacted by many members about an unsolicited flyer they received in the mail from a company in Texas that is being marketed as "Clearmycase.com". Apparently the company is using the Florida Sex Offender registry to solicit registrants, telling them that...

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NBC2 Investigation: Convicted killers living in Southwest Florida

Here's a story that asks the question we've been asking for a while. Why is there a registry of sex offenders but no registry of murderers? If someone, 20 years ago, had consensual sex with an underage partner when they were 18, you'd know they were living next door...

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