Sex Offense Registry Fact Sheet – April 2018

Emily Horowitz, author and Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, has put together the Registry Fact Sheet linked to below. This is a very well researched, comprehensive document that is full of useful information (including authorities) that you can cite to...

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Is this a trap? US Marshals Service puts up IML Complaint form.

As part of the International Megan's Law, the US Marshals Service has been notifying receiving countries when a registrant is traveling. You can imagine how the immigration officials in a country you are traveling to will react when they receive a warning from the US...

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India to establish Sex Offender Registry

India has just approved promulgation of their Criminal Law to create a national database and profile of sexual offenders. While it is unclear whether the registry will be public (as it is in the United States) or for law enforcement only (as it is in all other...

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Sex Offenders being denied access to family in hospitals

By now we're used to being excluded. Can't be on Facebook.... well, they sell your private information anyhow. Can't take your kids to Disney World... who wants to pay ten bucks for an ice cream bar shaped like a mouse anyhow? But there's a trending exclusion that...

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New SCOTUS opinion can help Internet Identifier case.

This week, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion in Sessions v. Dimaya that could prove helpful in our Internet Identifier case. Although the case had nothing to do with the sex offender registry, the issue centered around a vague statute....

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