Former Sex Offenders Won’t Qualify to Haul Garbage

I started reading a hopeful story about a Florida company called WastePro, that was initiating a program to help the formerly convicted find work. The company, which has garbage, recycling and horticultural pickup services in 28 areas in Florida, seemed to have great...

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WARNING: New Scam Targets Sex Offenders

The following was shared by a Member: I'm writing to inform you of a scam that was pulled on my husband who is a sex offender last night in hopes you can share with others so it doesn't happen to them. He received a phone call from a man claiming to be a deputy from...

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Florida prisoners launch month-long work strike

Florida Sex Offender News On Monday, prisoners across Florida launched "Operation Push" a month-long work stoppage intended to be a peaceful protest to conditions at Florida prisons. Among their issues is the fact that Florida is one of only five states which don't...

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Another Reason why Sex Offender Registration Fees are a Bad Idea

Sex offender registration fees are a bad idea. Setting aside the constitutionality of charging individuals for the "privilege" of registering as a sex offender - something that's not only involuntary but that all would certainly prefer not to do - and claiming it's...

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Sex offender residency restrictions questioned in small cities

AUSTIN — Registered sex offenders in small Texas cities were until last year challenging residence restrictions, arguing that “general-law” municipalities lacked authority to control where they lived. A new state law that took effect in September codified small...

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4 men charged with murdering Redondo Beach sex offender

Four South Bay men were charged Friday with killing and robbing a registered sex offender, strangling him and attacking him with pliers and bolt cutters when he got out of his shower in his Redondo Beach apartment. The charges make them eligible for the death penalty....

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