Trinidad and Tobago: AG proposes two sex offender registries

The Attorney General has proposed 22 amendments to the Act to amend the Sexual Offences Act, Chap. 11:28. Chief among these are the creation of two sexual offender registers. Speaking in the Senate on Tuesday, AG Faris Al-Rawi said the bill intended to create two...

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Dr. Alissa Ackerman launches Restorative Justice site

Dr. Alissa Ackerman, who was the guest speaker on last month's member call, a professor at California State University, one of the most prolific researchers on sex offender policy and practices and a pioneer in restorative justice has launched Ampersands Restorative...

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Special IDs for Sex Offenders: Safety Measures or Scarlet Letters?

The Supreme Court will soon consider whether to hear a First Amendment challenge to a Louisiana law that required driver’s licenses to identify sex offenders. According to a Louisiana law, people convicted of sex crimes must use driver’s licenses with the words ‘sex...

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The Scamming Continues

Yesterday we got 3 notifications that they were scam targets. One would think that with enough complaints the FDLE would take measures to track these scammers down, but apparently they don't. This was from a member: I wanted to let you know about a scam that has been...

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Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2021

Our Ex Post Facto Challenge is now in the 11th Circuit court of Appeals and a SECOND case has been filed. Now more than ever we need your help to keep these cases going!

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In-Person Reporting Challenge (FUNDED)

The goal of this legal challenge is to eliminate or significantly reduce the requirement to physically report (in-person) to the Sheriff's office.

Non-Registrant Collateral Consequences Challenge

This lawsuit will challenge the registration requirements imposed on people not on the registry! It will be brought on behalf of registrants' family, friends, employers and others who are impacted by the registry by virtue of living with, employing, or even sharing the same family name as a registrant. Plaintiffs will be spouses who have their vehicles registered and flagged, children who can't have a parent watch them graduate or perform in a school play, roommates who are prevented from decorating their home for the holidays, and others.

Out of State Challenge

The goal of this legal challenge is to remove anyone on the registry who is not currently residing in the Florida community.

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