Why is the Registry Punishment?

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Motive for murder of homeless registrant up in the air.

The following are excerpts from an article on the killing of Jean Lascelle, who was shot in the back of the head by another person at a temporary shelter they were both staying at. Lascelle was one of 478 sex offenders in Manchester, one of 2,945 people statewide who...

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IA: Scammers are nationwide

We like to post these every so often to remind everyone on the registry and their families that there are individuals out there that use the public registry to commit scams against persons required to register and their families. It has been VERY prevalent in Florida...

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Table added to track Florida’s 2021 Bills

We recently updated the table on our website with the Bills currently being considered by the 2021 Florida Legislature that impact persons required to register. You can access this table from the header on our website labeled "2021 Legislation" that will lead you to...

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New Mexico House passes bill to toughen human trafficking laws

In response to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal that touched New Mexico, it's no wonder their state's legislature has introduced a bunch of new laws targeting sex trafficking and offending. We're posting this not because they introduced a law, nor that it passed the House...

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Barney Bishop Exposed

Barney T Bishop III has no business representing that he is involved in "criminal justice reform" or "smart justice". Those terms have been coined to mean a reforming of the criminal justice system so that it operates fairly and equitably and employing evidence-based,...

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Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2020

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Text Registration Reminders

Get reminded to register on your months via SMS text messages. Just text "START" to 727-233-4785 to begin -OR- click HERE for more details and a flyer which can be printed and shared with others.

No warranty or liability implied. It is always YOUR responsibility to register. Intended as a backup reminder. Service provided free as a courtesy. Standard text message rates may apply.

In-Person Reporting Challenge (FUNDED)

The goal of this legal challenge is to eliminate or significantly reduce the requirement to physically report (in-person) to the Sheriff's office.

Ex Post Facto – Sustainer 2020

UPDATE: First- and second-round funding to prepare, file, and fight this lawsuit was successful. Thank you! With your continued support, we can sustain the strength of our argument with expert testimony and the like, as well as cover other costs associated with a case of this magnitude. -- The goal of the this legal challenge is to have the registry recognized as punitive rather than administrative. The most immediate consequence of this would be that only laws and requirements active at the time of offense could be applied to a person required to register.

Non-Registrant Collateral Consequences Challenge

This lawsuit will challenge the registration requirements imposed on people not on the registry! It will be brought on behalf of registrants' family, friends, employers and others who are impacted by the registry by virtue of living with, employing, or even sharing the same family name as a registrant. Plaintiffs will be spouses who have their vehicles registered and flagged, children who can't have a parent watch them graduate or perform in a school play, roommates who are prevented from decorating their home for the holidays, and others.

Out of State Challenge

The goal of this legal challenge is to remove anyone on the registry who is not currently residing in the Florida community.

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