The rights of sex offenders

After years of panicked and excessively punitive lawmaking against sex offenders, cooler heads are beginning to prevail. The U.S. Supreme Court, for example, last week struck down a North Carolina law that effectively banned registered sex offenders from using any...

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New Florida Internet Identifier Law Approved by Governor

Florida House Bill 699, which "[r]evises definition of term "Internet identifier"; defines "social Internet communication"; requires sexual predators & sexual offenders to register each Internet identifier's corresponding website homepage or application software...

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The Dobbs Wire: The Perils of Sexting – SCAM ALERT

Men in central Iowa and beyond have become the latest victims in a sexting extortion scam, according to the Iowa Department of Public Safety. The scam starts by an alleged woman contacting a man through an online dating app or website. Within days, the woman says they...

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The Dobbs Wire: Supreme Court WIN!!!

A U.S. Supreme Court win!  In a unanimous ruling the court struck down North Carolina’s law banning registrants from social media as unconstitutional; individuals on the sex offense registry have First Amendment rights.  The North Carolina law makes it a felony for...

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Member Submission RE: Washington Post Fact Check

[T]he Washington Post did a Three Pinocchio award on Justice Alito's misleading claim [that registrants have a high rate of recidivism] With the Post being such a respected newspaper I suggest a call to arms to email them congratulating on unbiased reporting!! We are...

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