Lake Monroe, FL— September 25, 2013.

US Attorney General Advised of Sex Sting Entrapment. 

Two-time military veteran and former Registered Sex Offender, Trey Gennette, is urging US Attorney General Eric Holder to intervene after local news exposed entrapment occurring in Florida sex stings.

Gennette, who had his case overturned on appeal, continues to expose the grievous wrongs committed by police departments in Florida, who entice men to participate in behavior they would not otherwise be predispositioned to. Last month, CBS 10 News in Pinellas County, Florida, featured a story on such stings. Officers post ads in adult classifieds websites, engaging men to participate in sexual conversations. Only thereafter do they write that they are underage and then claim the men are “predators” seeking out sex with underage partners. In fact, these men were seeking adult encounters on an adults-only site.

In his letter to Attorney General Holder, Gennette points out that not only have the stings led to false arrests, but in a number of cases, the stings have lead to the suicide of the victim (the falsely alleged sexual predator).

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