The mission of our Media Committee is to educate the media and public about the facts surrounding sex offense issues.  The Media Committee is working to reform the laws governing people required to register as sex offenders in Florida so that legislation is in accordance with empirical evidence and practices that truly protect our children and the public.


Members on the Media Committee strive to reach this goal by working on one or more of the following:

  • Monitor media outlets.
  • Comment on news articles either by commending the journalist on their article, correcting misinformation stated in the article through the use of research-based facts, or building on the theme of the article to include comments about the punitiveness of the registry.
  • Write “Letters to the Editor”.
  • Write Op-Eds.
  • Write News Releases.
  • Post appropriate articles at the FAC website.
  • Establish relationships with journalists.

Can you help the FAC Media Committee?

If you would like to be a volunteer on the Media Committee, please contact us at [email protected] or 833-273-7325.

Please consider checking out the official Florida Action Committee YouTube channel.

Miami-Herald: FAC Opinion Published

An opinion piece in response to a recent article in the Miami Herald was published today. The text of the response and an image of the article as it appeared are below. Your December 31, 2018 article, “Report: Number of sex offenders living in Florida is growing.”...

Is de-listing sex offenders even possible? Lawsuit claims it is

News About Florida Sex Offender Registry Maybe we should call it a war between sex offender advocates? Strange lawsuit filed in a local federal court: A Texas-based service that claims to help sexual offenders get off the state registry that limits where they can live...

Must Watch: FAC gets mention on ABC7

FAC received a mention on Ft. Meyers' ABC 7 on the below story about sex offenders' use of social media. Click on the link below to watch....

The challenge of elderly sex offenders

By the time deputies arrested Thomas Bernard Brown for failing to register as a sexual predator, he had built up a 10-year record of consistent registration in Marion County. That’s 42 check-ins, as his attorneys and his friends pointed out at a sentencing hearing in...

Sex offenders gather at annual conference in Texas

DALLAS - For the first time ever, sex offenders gathered at their annual conference in Texas have allowed cameras inside to get a look at the event. Approximately 100 registered sex offenders from across the country gathered this week at their conference at Magnolia...

Florida becomes the harshest state for sex offenders

In Arcadia, a town of 6,000 east of Sarasota, there's a facility wrapped in sky-high barbed wire, where no one can choose to get in or out. This isn't a prison, and its residents aren't serving a sentence. It's the Florida Civil Commitment Center, home to 650 men whom...

Sex Offender Shuffle Continues

The colony of homeless sex offenders in Miami-Dade County is once again being moved... 100 yards to the east! After several months of complaining that over 100 registrants were sent to live in his parking lot, the owner of Adolfo's House Beauty Supply received the...

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