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Breaking Down The Sex Offender Label
When most hear the term “registered sex offender” the first thought that comes to mind is ‘this person is a child molester’. While the label does include many who have molested children and some other heinous acts, the label also includes many whose offenses had nothing to do with children, whose offenses are relatively benign or who have no direct victim at all. Read more…by FAC President Gail Colletta

More homeless sex offenders on the way
Suncoast News… Commentary by FAC President Gail Colletta

Sexual Predator Signs
Huntington Post… A video posting with FAC President Gail Colletta

The Michael Blum Show
A live broadcast show from Boca Raton Florida every Monday Evening from 9-11PM ET from WWNN 1470AM. Think, speak and be heard!

Channel 9 Response
Florida Action Committee: Response to Thursday, May 16, 2013 Channel 9 report: “FDLE shows WFTV mobile forensics lab used to identify child porn suspects”

Community split on sexual predator signs
Red Signs Bradford County mark homes of sexual predators.

Evidence Based Practices April 2014

This summary is intended to assist our activist groups to become familiar with current literature in our efforts to inform policy and assist in the creation of smarter legislation.

Registry A Tool For Humiliation

The following is an excerpt of a letter to the editor that was published in the Missourian and written by Vicky Henry, President of Women Against Registry (W.A.R.): "The punitiveness of our sex offender laws, registry and restrictions are totally unsupported by any...

Another Registrant Killed in Florida

Williams had no place else he could legally stay, so probation officials placed a tracker on Williams’ leg and told him to remain in the woods.

Are police catching pedophiles, or creating straw men?

The idea should be to catch predators who are trying to entice and target minors. But that is difficult, so most sex sting task forces take the easy route: They create their own offenders and bust them instead.

Capitol Punishment: The Troubling Consequences of Federal Child Pornography Laws

In 2011 a federal appeals court called into question the justice of current federal sentences for child pornography possession. Current sentencing rules routinely result in prison terms that meet or exceed the 20-year statutory maximum for the charges, regardless of whether the person has done anything more than just look at the wrong photo online. The appeals court viewed such punishment as “outrageously high.”

Are Any Offenses Unforgivable? Peter Yarrow to be Honored

Peter Yarrow, one of the lead singers of the iconic band Peter, Paul and Mary, is scheduled to be honored next month by his alma mater, LaGuardia High School, for his contributions to “Peace, Love and the Power of Song”. The singer, who wrote such classics as “Puff...

The Role of Media in the Creation of Sex Offender Hysteria.

LAKE MONROE, FLORIDA – April 17, 2014 Yesterday, national newspapers featured the story of Todd Hoffner, the Minnesota State University Coach who, in 2012, was fired and charged for the alleged; “use of a minor to engage in a sexual performance … and possession of a...

Non-Registrant Collateral Consequences Challenge

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