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There’s nothing like waking up to an amazing article debunking the myths surrounding our population. This morning, as we scanned the headlines, we came across this freshly posted article in the Huffington Post by Journalist Michael Hobbes, who certainly did his research, spoke with the experts and took a very brave position in covering an unpopular topic. The article is replete with links to research and studies supporting his arguments and will hopefully be effective in educating the public. If you have a few spare moments, share the article with people you know (and, more importantly, people you don’t know but who could use some education on this topic).

For those who joined us on last week’s monthly member call, you had the privilege of hearing from our guest speaker, Shawna Baldwin. Shawna’s story was featured in the David Feige documentary, Untouchable. It was a treat for those on the call to hear Shawna’s story in her own words, but to also learn that her story is not over. We all have stories to tell about our experience with the registry, but so many of us believe our life’s story was over at arrest. All of our hopes and dreams ended when we were placed on the registry. For a while Shawna might have thought that was the case, but the unexpected notoriety she received from being featured in Untouchable thrust her into the role of an advocate and voice of the reform movement.

Shawna reminded us that she’s just like all of us, she’s a daughter, a wife, a mom, wakes up to the same challenges of registration that all of us do, but her decision to stand up and speak out has given her a life’s purpose and has given her daughter something to be incredibly proud of. When Shawna was a girl, she certainly never dreamed of being a “sex offender” when she grows up. None of us did. But we’re pretty certain she also never dreamed that she would one day be a featured speaker at a conference alongside the likes of Alan Dershowitz, Glenn Beck, Judge Douglas Ginsberg and others, like she will be at FreedomFest in Las Vegas this coming week.

Although most of us can’t be at FreedomFest, the FAC family sends our love and support to Shawna, not only this coming weekend when she will be representing nearly one million persons required to register, but beyond then, as her story undoubtedly continues to other great accomplishments. We are proud of you! We should all find our voices and speak out against the registry!


The Florida Action Committee


  1. THERE IS STILL TIME TO RESERVE A SEAT.  Family Support session in Fort Lauderdale area Sat Jul 20th from 11am-1pm, facilitated by Dr. Jill Levenson and Shelly Kavanagh.  RSVP to email [email protected]or leave call-back message at 904-452-8322.
  2. Mark your calendar for Meet and Greets in the following cities.  RSVP email [email protected]or call 904-452-8322.    Casselberry (Seminole County) – Sat July 20 from noon-2pm, Tallahassee (Leon County) – Thu Aug 15 from 6pm-8pm, Apopka (Orange County) – Sat Aug 24 – from 1pm-3pm.


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