Dear Members and Advocates,

The message of this week’s update is “Support”.  Whether you are seeking support, offer support, or have knowledge of support resources, we need to hear from you.  Please submit a referral using the new “Add a Resource” form on the Resources page at

With the help of our County Coordinators, the FAC ADMIN team will reach out to each referral and ask if they want to be listed publicly on the FAC site or remain private and available only to FAC Admin for specific referral requests.

We are seeking resources in all counties for Housing, Employment, Attorneys, Therapists, Polygraphs, Recreation/Gyms, Food Banks, Worship Centers, Support Groups, and any other service that you know will help or benefit our members and their families.

FAC especially wants to recognize the wonderful therapists in Broward, Polk, Hillsborough, and Sarasota that have opened their offices to loved ones of registered citizens, so that they could share experiences and address the issues of the Registry that they, too, live each day.  Additional sessions are scheduled in Tampa on August 23rd and Central Broward on September 7th.    See the Reminders below for more information.

Coming together for support is a benefit of membership in Florida Action Committee.  You should never feel alone.  Local teams are growing in each county and we need to grow our database of resources, too.

Let’s continue to work together to make each day less stressful, and find ways to appreciate life, family, and the world around us.

With Unity Comes Change

Florida Action Committee


Aug 1- Next Monthly Membership Call at 8pm ET.  Dial 319-527-3487 to participate.

Aug 8- Next New Member Orientation Call at 8pm ET. Dial 319-527-3487 to participate.


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