Dear Members and Advocates,

It is important that everyone remembers to perform your in-person registration, even during the period of pandemic, even if you are sick, even if your registration office is closed. If not, you can be arrested. If your registration office is closed, find a way to travel to another county and perform your registration there. Do not allow a re-registration month to pass (or other registrable event) without having a copy of your registration paperwork in hand!

A Marion County registrant showed up to the Sheriff’s Office on April 1st, as he always had every 6 months for years before. His registration months are April and October. There was a sign on the door with a number to be called, he called, nobody answered, so he left a message. The next day he went back, same process, left a message. According to news reports, he thought he would get a call back, so he went home and continued to quarantine. In the midst of the Coronavirus shut down, with offices closed, who is to say what constitutes “must report in person to the sheriff’s office”?

When the man returned to the sheriff’s office last week to report a vehicle change, he was arrested for failure to report in April, a third-degree felony. He is facing 5 years in prison. Even if you are sick or at risk of dying if exposed to the pandemic, there are no exceptions to in-person registration. Sadly, for many, you either have to risk arrest or risk your life to comply. It is ridiculous, but it is how things are currently. We also need to remember to do everything possible to cover our butts, even if it includes taking a picture of yourself in front of the closed registration office (ideally with a witness present) to prove you were there.

The hopeful news in all this is that the “Ex Post Facto Plus” case is scheduled for trial in November and as we close out May, we are one month closer to every person listed on the Florida Sex Offender registry having their day in court. A member has very generously sponsored another $5000 matching pledge for June to be applied to expert witness costs for that lawsuit. We will be announcing details more formally in the coming days, but we are all very grateful for the generosity of this member and all who support this fight!


The Florida Action Committee


JUNE 4 – NEW TIME FOR JUNE Membership Call: Thursday June 4th at 7:30 pm ET.  This call will be hosted by NARSOL Region 2. Watch for details.

JUNE 6 – Family Support session (via Zoom) facilitated by Jill Levenson and Shelly Kavanugh.  Saturday June 6 from 11am to 1pm.  To receive access, must RSVP by to [email protected] or leave message at 407-814-4203 (name and phone number).  This session is only available to family members or loved ones (not the registered person).



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