Dear Members and Advocates,

The California Bill that we wrote about last week was signed off by Governor Newsom. That’s good news. What continues to boggle the mind is how two stories can present completely different perspectives on the same set of facts and how so many people will buy into (and I hate to use this term…) the fake news. One of the only articles I came across that accurately portrayed what the bill was all about was the San Francisco Chronicle, which titled their story, “Newsom signs bill to fix sex offender registry law that penalized gay people.” If anyone would have dug into the facts, that’s all they could have concluded. But other legitimate news outlets spun it differently and even respected politicians such as Ted Cruz accused the bill of promoting sex with minors (which it naturally did not).

What happened in our recent history that deprived people the ability to do their own research and come up with independent thoughts and conclusions? Have media outlets become so desperate for readership that they feel the need to put out salacious headlines to use as clickbait? It’s not just with sex offender issues, we see the same divisiveness when it comes to most social or politically charged issues.

I often wonder whether the problem is that there’s so much damaging misinformation being put out there without recourse, whether the problem is that people believe what they want to believe and facts won’t convince them otherwise, or if the problem is that not enough people on one side of an issue are willing to advocate. To the extent we have any control over these reasons, the third is something within our own power to change. If we don’t act, we are part of the problem!!! We need more brave people to make their voices heard, so here’s our challenge…

The Department of Justice has asked for comments on proposed changes to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). There are nearly one million people in the United States who are impacted. To date, as of the time we are writing this weekly update, there are only 318 comments posted (see: That’s shameful! If you figure each person on the registry has at least one friend or family member who is impacted and only one percent (1%) of those impacted speak out, there should be twenty thousand comments posted. There are not and that’s nobody’s fault but our own.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts, tell your story, or simply voice your opposition to the proposed changes. Educate yourself by reading some of the other comments, reading through some of the posts on advocacy forums (such as FAC) or studies on the effectiveness of SORNA. If you don’t feel comfortable making a technical argument, describe how registration has impacted your life (we know it has or you would not be reading this), or cite a study (”Sex+Offender+Registration+and+Notification+Act”) you think the DOJ should consider. If you don’t have internet access to post a comment online, you can mail your comment to: Regulations Docket Clerk, Office of Legal Policy, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Room 4234, Washington, DC 20530.  To ensure proper handling, please reference Docket No. OAG 157 on your letter. PLEASE keep your comments respectful and well-reasoned. Rude or disrespectful comments will only hurt our cause.

Don’t allow yourself to be part of the problem. Let’s make it our goal to break 500 comments by tomorrow!


The Florida Action Committee


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