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Yesterday a new Justice was sworn in to the Supreme Court of the United States. Amy Coney Barrett has joined the nation’s top court and with a lifetime appointment, at the age of 48 she will probably be around for many of our lifetimes. So the question many of you are probably asking is how Justice Barrett has ruled on “sex offender issues”… During her tenure on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Justice Barrett authored two notable opinions on these issues; Beley v. Chicago and United States v. Walker.

In Beley v. Chicago, she rejected the claims of a class of homeless registrants, that the city’s refusal to register them under the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) deprived them of due process. They wanted to be registered to avoid an arrest, conviction and up to five years in prison for failing to register. The named plaintiff’s attempts to register were rejected by the city of Chicago because they had no identification card or proof of an address. They were subsequently arrested for failure to register. The Court held that the ability to register under SORA is not a cognizable liberty interest that would trigger the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of due process (ie: a deprivation of life, liberty or property). Arguably that one didn’t go the right way for the homeless registrants.  More recently though, in United States v. Walker, Judge Barrett authored an opinion that reversed the lower court’s decision and vacated the sentence of a defendant who was convicted for failing to register under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). The appellate court found that the person’s underlying sex offense did not have the necessary elements to carry a 25-year registration requirement, but instead triggered a different, 15-year federal registration requirement that had already lapsed – therefore the defendant had no duty to register under Federal SORNA and accordingly could not be convicted of failing to do something he had no obligation to do. It’s pretty fair to say this one did go the right way for the registrant. So it really is a mixed bag and we’ll have to wait until a case comes before the SCOTUS to see how it goes.

Thank you to those who have shared your events on our ‘Why is the Registry Punishment?’ post. These examples will be helpful in showing that the registry is actually punishment, despite what some courts say. If something happened to you that is inarguably punishment and that was tied to the registry (ie: fired from a job after someone found out your history, denied access to your children’s school or event, etc.) and you have not yet shared it, please add it to our list of punishments created by the registry. You can add it anonymously if you prefer, we are not looking for names, just facts. A note to those who have posted responses to other’s events or who added comments; you likely noticed your comments were not published. For this post we are ONLY looking for facts – we are not looking for commentary or discussion. If you contributed something that was not published, please don’t take it personally, just know that we are compiling a list and each comment will be an item on that list.

Finally, this week is the last weekly update before Halloween. In past years we always dedicated at least one weekly update to highlighting the now-widely-debunked urban myth that sex crimes against children spike during Halloween. This year seems a bit different. I’m sure it’s mostly due to COVID-19 and the fact that fewer children will be out Trick or Treating or at Halloween gatherings this year, but we also recognize that it absolutely has something to do with the efforts of our Media committee and those of other affiliate organizations, who have devoted a lot of effort over the past several years to pushing back against the sensationalism. Don’t get us wrong, there are still the occasional fear mongering stories out there and some stations, such as News4Jax couldn’t resist the urge to publish a “spooky” story this season to “trick” their readers into believing something that’s not true in order to bait them to their website. If any of you want a “treat”, read some of the comments or post your own… use their web traffic to educate the public.


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