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Happy New Year!!!

So much has changed between this time last year and today that I’m more surprised by what didn’t change because of COVID than what did. I’m shocked that despite the spread of a global pandemic, the State of Florida did not suspend IN PERSON registration. Things like vehicle changes or short-term temporary travel that could have very easily been reported online or by phone, still required us to take a drive (or public transportation) down to a sheriff’s office to wait in line among others, sometimes only to pick up a phone to speak with someone inside the building or to show an ID through a window! It’s absolutely ridiculous that anybody could think this somehow made the public safer. It’s absurd that residency restrictions preventing people from living with friends or family because they are within 2500 feet of a school or park, are being enforced when schools and parks were closed.

The pandemic taught so many industries that it can adapt to changing times and circumstances. Video conferencing technology enabled teachers to keep teaching and brought corporate executives to the table in virtual board rooms. Telemedicine enabled doctors to continue to treat patients via a HIPAA compliant platform. Courts conducted Zoom hearings and trials. Everything from the really petty things, like having my morning coffee brought to me curbside, to the most critical of functions somehow managed to find an accommodation… but not “sex offender registration”. How crazy is that?

Each year I begin my year with resolutions. Things I plan to improve in the coming year, goals I hope to accomplish, etc. 2020 taught me that there are some things that are completely beyond my control and to be prepared for practically anything. I suppose I still could have lost the weight I committed to lose despite the pandemic, but a lot of other plans for last year had to be adjusted to account for the state of the world and the new normal. That’s fine. Occasionally we have to pivot or shift gears. But no matter how we must adjust our strategy or game plan, our ultimate objective needs to remain intact. We need to abolish the registry.

So long as there are people reading these updates who agree with our mission and are on board to help us reach this common goal, we will keep at it regardless of pandemic or other setbacks. My resolution for 2021 is to bring more people on board. This way there will be more people sharing information about scams and changed requirements, more people reaching out to their legislators, more people contributing to our legal challenges, more people showing up to municipal meetings, more people educating the public and more people fighting alongside us. In 2021 we want to play at a higher level than before.

Please make it your 2021 resolution to add at least one new person to our fight. Invite everyone you know who you think could benefit from the information and resources FAC has to offer and everyone who you think would support our mission, to join FAC. You can either direct them to our membership link (, call (833) 2-REPEAL (833-273-7325) or email us at [email protected].

Make your New Year’s resolution to grow our army and let’s make change in 2021!


The Florida Action Committee


To Talk to an FAC volunteer one-on-one, call 904-452-8322.  Volunteers are not available 24/7 but you will receive a call as soon as possible.  If you have an emergency, call 911, or helpline at 1-800-273-8255 or a crisis center (Listing of Crisis Centers and Hotlines)

Jan 7 Thursday – 8:00pm ET – Monthly Membership Call.  Topic: Truth About Stings Operations – Guests: Kathleen Hambrick and Aracely Yates of C.A.G.E. (,  and Peter Aiken, Criminal Defense Attorney.  Phone 319-527-3487. If unable to connect, text “CALL ME” to same number to receive call back and be joined to the meeting.

Jan 9 – Saturday – 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.- Zoom session for family and loved ones only (no registered citizens) . RSVP for details to [email protected] or text name to 904-452-8322.

Jan 14 Thursday at 8:00pm ET /  7pm CT – New Member Orientation Call – phone 319-527-3487. If unable to connect, text “CALL ME” to same number to receive call back and be joined to the meeting.


IN: Victory… People not required to register just because they move to Indiana.

A WIN for people in the state of Indiana yesterday, as the 7th Circuit Upholds a lower court decision in favor of a group of persons with past sexual offense convictions who move to Indiana and were forced to register, where they would not have to had they been…

NY: Sex offender risk assessments said to have little predictive value

Convicted sex offenders under New York law must have their risk of re-offense assessed by courts under the Sex Offender Registration Act (“SORA” or “Megan’s Law”) with courts determining whether offenders are at low, moderate or high risk to re-offend. The rankings not…

MN: Third COVID death at Moose Lake Civil Commitment Center

Minnesota’s Civil Commitment center at Moose Lake, where certain persons required to register as sex offenders are indefinitely detained for “treatment” after the expiration of their sentence, reported their third death from COVID-19. Two other “clients” died last…

CA: Tiered Registry Law Now Effective

If you are on the California registry and would like more information, visit ACSOL The Tiered Registry Law (formerly Senate Bill 384), passed by the California state legislature four years ago, is now effective. Some of its provisions, however, will not begin until…


General Membership Call – First Thursday of each month at 8pm ET
New Member Orientation – Second Thursday of each month at 8pm ET.

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