Last month, Ron Book was out with his “Homeless Trust” to count the homeless in Miami-Dade. Yes, literally, to manually count the homeless.

According to this article, the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust counts the homeless twice a year in January and in August, but “tonight’s count is the one that counts for federal funding.” Counts for “federal funding”… no wonder Ron Book is on hand for that one. If it means more money for him, you can be sure he’ll be hands-on.

But what about the stats? The article states, “most recent numbers show that more than 1,000 people are living on the streets in Miami-Dade County.” According to information recently available through the FDLE, there are 457 transient registered sexual offenders or predators in Miami-Dade County.

That would mean that 45% of the homeless population in Miami-Dade County are sex offenders!

So knowing Ron Book despises sex offenders – calls them “monsters” and has said, on record, “I don’t care if they have to live under a bridge or if they have to live somewhere outside Florida” – are we in good hands knowing that the Chairman of the Homeless Trust seeks to harm and punish almost half the people he is responsible for helping?

And it that’s the case, what’s he doing with the more than 60 million dollar annual budget the homeless trust has? Perhaps he’s spending the money on his collection of Olympic torches?

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