Source: ACSOL

A lawsuit was filed today in a federal district court in California challenging the denial of access to a military base of a military retiree solely because he is required to register. The lawsuit claims that the military retiree’s right to due process was violated when he was denied access without prior notice in November 2021 to Vandenberg Air Force Base which is located near Santa Barbara, California. The lawsuit asks the court to require the commander of Vandenberg Air Force base to allow the plaintiff access so that the plaintiff can receive the benefits of his retirement, including but not limited to, medical care, shopping at the base exchange and commissary and access to MWR programs.

The plaintiff in this case is 75 years old and a retired Air Force officer who served in the military for 20 years. After his retirement, the plaintiff worked on an Air Force base as a civilian employed by a base contractor. The plaintiff was convicted of one sex offense in 1992 for conduct that did not occur on a military base and that did not involve military personnel or military dependents.

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