After the California Supreme Court declared unconstitutional municipal residency restrictions for persons on the registry who are not on probation, many repealed theirs. San Diego, on the other hand, dug in their heels and refused repeal theirs. The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws’ Janice Bellucci warned them she would sue unless they changed their unenforceable residency restriction. Their own City Attorney also suggested they repeal it.

But the city commissioners ignored the advise of their own attorney, ignored the ruling from the California Supreme Court and worst of all, ignored the social science that evidences residency restrictions do nothing to protect children, and got themselves sued.

At the end of the day, the lawsuit cost the taxpayers of San Diego $122,600 in attorneys fees paid to Janice and the attorney they needed to hire to defend the lawsuit. That money could have been used to buy a few sets of playground equipment, hundreds of laptops for classrooms or gone to countless, more productive uses.


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