Recently, the American Law Institute (ALI) proposed that the registry “be taken out of online accessibility and be, as they were originally intended, in only the domain of law enforcement.”  ALI used research-based data along with experts in the field and clinicians to develop their recommendations.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), co-founded by John and Reve Walsh, claims that some of the recommendations could endanger children.  “Children will be endangered by the Revised Code’s limitations on prosecuting sex trafficking and its removal of most protections provided by sex offender registries.”  What protection is needed from the hundreds of thousands of registrants in this country  who are now law-abiding citizens?  NCMEC, how are you protecting children from the people who will be committing 90% or more of the future sex crimes?  NCMEC, how are you protecting children from the perpetrators known to the child before the sex offense, which is at least 93% of the sex offenses against children?

NCMEC’s assumption is that registries help protect children.

Please read NCMEC’S press release and help to educate them at:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

333 John Carlyle Street, Suite #125

Alexandria, Virginia 22314-5950


[email protected]

FAC Media has contacted NCMEC, but we need additional people to also contact them.  Please consider in your communications with NCMEC that we are NOT saying that people with a past sex offense should be able to get jobs working with children; what we are saying is that keeping people on the registry who are law-abiding citizens is wrong.  There are other ways to find out about a prospective employee’s background rather than having a registry.  We do not want to get into an argument that could deflect from our mission:  abolishing the registry.

Research can be found at in the Media dropdown box:  Articles and Studies Containing Research and at


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