Derek Logue recently pointed out that Colorado’s SOMB’s changing of the term “sex offender” to “adults who commit sexual offenses” only makes it sound as though that is what people with a past sex offense do:  continue to commit sex offenses.   Research shows this is false.  That is why it is so surprising to me that the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board made the following statements:

  • “If only it weren’t for generations of data about the likelihood of sex offenders offending again and again unless they get help for their disturbed behavior.”
  • “Adults who commit sexual offenses fail to convey or represent any sort of victim-centeredness.”
  • “It’s yet another assault on reason, truth and basic decency by the new criminal justice ‘reform’ movement.”

This article allows for comments to be make as a guest where you do not have to give your name.  Also, there is a red box you can click on to “Submit Your Feedback” that does not require your name.

Media Committee members are sending in their comments, but we could use many other people commenting, too.  This editorial board particularly needs to be corrected on their comment about the likelihood of offending again and again.

Yes, I hope that we live in a society where the needs of victims are always respected, and this needs to be shared with the editorial board; but there comes a point when law-abiding registrants and their family members become victims, too.


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