The story about the U. S. Marshals finding 13 people not living at their registered addresses in Scranton, PA, has been running for several days in Pennsylvania, but I am shocked that the Tampa Bay Times would give up space for something as nonsensical as this story is and miles away from Florida.  As always, no new sex crimes were committed.  If this is big news down in Florida, then newspapers do not know what real news is anymore.

In Scranton, an individual on the registry cannot live with 2500 feet of any school, child-care facility, open space, community center, public park or recreational facility in the city.  Where are these people supposed to live?

FAC is sending a Letter to the Editor of the Tampa Bay Times concerning this absurdity.

There does not appear to be a comment section, but Letters to the Editor (up to 250 words) can be sent to:

It would be good if the Tampa Bay Times could hear from many different people.  Even if they do not publish our letters, maybe they will think twice before wasting space on something that is not newsworthy.


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