Sex Offender Registrants Attacked

42 year-old Jason Vukovich, targeted and attacked three strangers, beating one man so badly with a hammer that he fractured his skull and knocked him unconscious.All because their names were on the state’s sex offender registry.

“We’re lucky we’re not dealing with a murder charge,” Assistant District Attorney Patrick McKay told the judge. “People do not get to take the law into their own hands just because they don’t like a particular group of people or a particular person.”

Unfortunately that’s what’s happening. deranged individuals who view themselves as “vigilantes” are using the sex offender registry as a hit list. As the Anchorage Daily News reported, “the men Vukovich singled out and attacked were complying with the law. They had gone through the court system, received their sentences and put their names on Alaska’s public sex offender registry, where Vukovich found their addresses.”It was not the purpose of the registry to allow people to do their own brand of justice,” the Judge told Vukovich. “The purpose of the registry was to keep the community safe.”

Sex Offender Registries Do Not Work

As more of these instances occur, we are realizing the registry does anything but that. It’s failing to keep the families of registrants safe.

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