It was one of the funniest episodes of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Showtime Series, “Who is America”. Cohen, disguised as Israeli “Colonel Erran Morad”, interviews former Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore. During the interview he shows Moore a device purportedly used by the Israeli military to detect pedophiles. Whenever the device goes near Moore it goes off!

The gag wasn’t so funny to Roy Moore, who is now suing Cohen, Showtime and CBS for 95 Million Dollars in damages!!! In his complaint, which can be read here;, he alleges that his portrayal as a sex offender, “has severely harmed Judge Moore’s reputation and caused him, Mrs. Moore, and his entire family severe emotional distress, as well as caused and will cause Plaintiffs financial damage,”

But Mr. Moore, the harms you describe; “severe emotional distress” and “financial damage” sound horrible. How can that be when status as a “sex offender” is not supposed to be punishment? Didn’t now Justice Roberts of the US Supreme Court once equate it to being a “Price Club” member? How can you justify ninety-five million dollars for what is supposed to be no more onerous than filling out an application at Price Club?



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