If you are listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry but no longer living in Florida, we are organizing a lawsuit to challenge your continued placement on the public registry.

The intent of the public notification component of the Sex Offender Registry is to notify the public of “potentially dangerous” people in their communities. People who are no longer in the state do not present a danger to people in the community and therefore serve no purpose on the public registry.

Florida’s registry is diluted with people who moved to another state, were deported, even people do die remain on the public registry! There are people who never lived in Florida but visited here, who are on the list!

If you fall into this category and would like to participate in a lawsuit to remove your name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry, please contact [email protected].

Note: Since the majority of FAC members are still in Florida and would not benefit from this lawsuit, we are not able to use funds from FAC’s legal reserves for this suit. If we can find a group of 10-15 individuals to pool resources, we can make this happen.


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