“Rather than comply with the requirements of the United States Constitution, Defendants continue to insist they can do whatever they want with hundreds of thousands of Floridians’ voting rights and absolutely zero standards. They ask this Court to stay its prior orders….No.”

That’s the beginning of Northern District Court Judge Mark Walker’s order DENYING the state’s motion to stay the judgement pending Appeal.

Yes… Appeal. Attorney General Pam Bondi filed an appeal last week to the Court’s Order giving it one month to fix the State of Florida’s twisted system of “re-enfranchisement” which lets the Governor pick and chose who he wants and who he does not want to vote.

That’s OK… Judge Walker had none of it. He issued another beautifully articulated order that says “boo hoo” to our petulant governor and attorney general before denying their motion.

Of course Governor Scott, who yesterday announced he will be running for the US Senate, wants to hold out his process of carefully selecting voters until the election. Hopefully he won’t have that chance. Even if we can’t vote (for now) in time for the upcoming election, lets use our voices to make sure Rick Scott does not get elected.

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