Chicago attorneys, who have been retained to represent the 19 child sex offenders who were told they must move out of Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora, believe McCarty Park is not a playground, but simply a park.

The residents were given notices last week they have to move out by July 25 because they live within 500 feet of McCarty Park. Under Illinois law, child sex offenders cannot live near schools, playgrounds and daycare facilities.

Civil rights attorneys Adele Nicholas and Mark Weinberg sent a letter to Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman Monday that challenges the idea that McCarty Park is a playground.

“They need to think twice about what the city is doing,” Nicholas said. “You are not making the community safer by making 19 people homeless.”

The attorneys who sent the letter to Aurora have previously filed federal lawsuits in four towns in Wisconsin challenging the constitutionality of municipal laws that restrict where registered sex offenders can live.



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