Iowa’s sex offender treatment facility is facing questions over falsified time card records said to have netted an employee and her husband more than $52,000 in unearned income.

For more than a year, the administrative assistant manipulated records to show her husband — a part-time employee of the facility — was working at times he wasn’t, according to an investigation released Wednesday by the state auditor’s office.

The Civil Commitment Unit for Sexual Offenders holds up to 150 “sexually violent predators” who have served out their criminal sentences but been ordered to held for treatment until they are deemed by a court no longer to be likely to commit future sexual violence.

The facility is on of the grounds of a state mental hospital in Cherokee.

It has survived multiple legal challenges — most recently in 2018, when a federal judge Sioux City found it is a legitimate treatment program and does not violate the civil rights of the men held there.

Along the way it has had problems that included a female psychologist  developing an improper relationship with a male patient, misuse of confidential information and even a lawsuit by residents who claimed their religious rights as Satanists were violated because they couldn’t eat leftover fried chicken.


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