Florida Action Committee received a request from Decriminalize Developmental Disabilities (D3, formerly LRIDD) to share the Autism Innocent Project.  They are seeking mothers and fathers with autistic or intellectually disabled sons and daughter affected by the criminal justice system to participate in a “selfie” style video for an awareness campaign.

Below are their instructions for submissions.  Email finished video or your questions to [email protected]

Video/Statement/Submission Parameters-

  1. Please use an Apple product to record (formatting purposes)
  2. Please hold the phone or Ipad vertically shoulder height or higher (long way up and down)
  3. Please make each of the following statements in an individual video
  4. Do your best to start and stop each video as quickly as possible before and after statement
  5. You don’t have to make a video for each of the statements below but it would be helpful
  6. Please send all of the video’s in a single email. Compress and zip if needed
  7. Please Add your name, your son/daughters name, your city and state in the email and give permission to use your submissions for a public campaign
  8. Please have submissions in by 12/1 (The earlier the better)

25 total short statements/videos; Please submit a separate video for each-

  1. My child/son/daughter is ____________(Autistic or has an intellectual disability)
  2. He/She is not violent
  3. He/She is not dangerous
  4. He/She got caught up in the criminal justice system
  5. He/She was criminally charged
  6. He/She had no criminal intent
  7. He/She always follow rules when they are black and white
  8. He/She didn’t know better
  9. He/She made a mistake
  10. He/She couldn’t have known better
  11. It wouldn’t have happened if he/she were not ___________ (Autistic/IDD)
  12. He/She’s easily Manipulated
  13. Taken advantage of
  14. He/She is not a danger
  15. He/She is vulnerable in Prison
  16. The prosecutor refused to acknowledge autism
  17. The judge wouldn’t mitigate his/her disability
  18. They didn’t care
  19. Wouldn’t even consider it
  20. We need change
  21. Compassion
  22. Prison doesn’t make sense
  23. As a felon, he’s lost disability services
  24. We need your help
  25. Your voice matters
  26. (Freestyle- Add your own statement if you’d like)

I know it may seem like a lot but it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to record.

We will also be getting a automated text/ response # number, i.e. “Text 4444 to learn more”, added to the end of the video and put an automated response requesting people subscribe and call thier representatives to vote yes on whatever bill # is assigned to the legislation currently being written.

If you have any questions please feel free to text or call me, Michael G. 518-307-1727


Michael Gilson

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