A bill that was written about earlier this week has passed and the island country of Bermuda will become the latest country to have a sex offender registry.

What’s interesting, is the country’s Attorney General, who indicates in this Royal Gazette article, used empirical evidence in their decision making about their registry.

Kathy Lynn Simmons, the Attorney-General, explained: “A public sector sex offender register is uncommon due to vigilante justice and other factors that limit the ability for offenders to reintegrate into society.

“There is significant empirical evidence and research that shows that a publicly accessible sex offenders registry does not help to reduce recidivism rates, nor does it assist offenders to successfully reintegrate into society or make communities safer.”

It seems incredible that a tiny country like Bermuda, with a population of only 70,000 (about the same as the number of people on the Florida Sex Offender Registry), was able to employ empirical evidence into their sex offender laws, where the United States, after decades, has not been.

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