FAC Members and any person required to register as a sex offender in Florida: BEWARE OF SCAMS.

We continue to get dozens of reports from people who have been targeted by scammers trying to extort them for money, pretending to be law enforcement officers. PLEASE DO NOT fall for these scams.

If you get a call from “a detective” telling you that they sent you a certified letter and you didn’t respond, that you missed a court date, that you need to give a new DNA test, that they have a warrant for your arrest or any other stupidity, please hang up and call your local registration office (if it’s after hours, wait until the morning) and the local police.

This is definitely a scam!!! I cannot tell you how many people have contacted us to let us know they have been targeted, many after they have already been taken for thousands of dollars.

If you’ve been the target, we beg you to file a police report. We cannot allow the registry to be used as a database for scammers or vigilantes.

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