FORT MYERS, Fla. – When a mover comes to your house, do you know who you’re inviting in? A new Florida law wants to make sure you’re notified if a sex offender is working for the moving company you hire.

Moving businesses we spoke with say they already have processes in place.

Getting a job at Affordable Transfer Company in Fort Myers involves more than just putting in a job application.

“We start by doing a background check by looking at their criminal history to see if they have any,” said William Jensen.

Jensen says a third-party company even does drug testing to ensure members of his team are “high quality.”

The new Florida law signed days ago would penalize moving companies up to $5,000 if they fail to inform customers that an employee on staff on the customer’s property was convicted of a sexual offense.

“If I was a customer, I’d want to know if someone was coming to my house that was a sexual predator,” Jensen said.

But not everyone completely agrees with this law, saying it could make it tougher for sex offenders to keep a job.

“It’s perfectly understandable that no one would want that to happen, you would not want that kind of thing at all,” said Jane Cooper, “but what’s that person going to do with their life?”

As Cooper helps a friend pack for a move in a south Fort Myers community, she says the new law could be another roadblock for sex offenders looking for work, but she still supports what the law aims to accomplish.

“You make the best of a bad decision, which don’t let them get into your house.”

The new law is one of 16 Governor Rick Scott signed June 9.

It goes into effect October 1.


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