We’ve received a lot of positive feedback to our announcement of the billboard project. It was a lot more work than expected, but so is everything we’ve been trying to accomplish, so what’s the difference?

We currently have three digital billboards running. Many of you have asked where you can find them, but we would like to let them run for a bit longer before jeopardizing our current placements. Based on the trolls who comment on here, the FAC forum appears to be equally interesting to vigilantes as it is to advocates. For that reason we don’t want to draw too much attention to them until we have more placed. Currently they are just outside three major cities, along roads with high traffic counts.

The URL we are displaying on the billboard points to RegistryFacts.com . If you visit that site, you will see it is basically a slideshow of statistics on the registry with the sources. No position, just the facts! The ad runs on a large digital billboard during off-peak hours (peak hours are much more expensive and we would rather focus on the number of times it’s been displayed, rather than the number of commuters who have seen it, at least until our messaging is perfected and we see the value of the more expensive ads.)

When it’s displaying, it remains on the billboard for roughly 8 seconds before rotating to another ad. To date (it’s only been a week), the ad has been displayed almost eight thousand times. We are receiving visitors to the site, but it is difficult to distinguish whether the visitors are from those seeing the billboard or those finding the site in this post. For that reason, if you have any desire to check out the site, click on the link above, rather than typing in the URL, this way we can see that FAC is the referring source for the traffic.

As we further develop this project, we would like to improve the artwork for the billboards, improve the artwork for the site, and make it a tool that can be used by affiliates outside of Florida also. With the generic name “registry facts” and the universal message, we welcome other affiliates, even national affiliates, to participate and add billboards in their states. Because consistency is key, and it will take seeing it a few times before being curious enough to visit the site, it’s likely better to have a consistent brand throughout the US, as opposed to different states doing different things.

We are completely open to ideas and suggestions. This is a measure that benefits all of us, so if you have a creative tagline, graphic or color scheme that would draw interest, please feel free to share it with us. If you are a graphic artist and can turn the ideas into design in several pixel dimensions to accommodate different billboards, please share your talent. If you are a webmaster and can build a more appealing and functional site than what we scrambled to put up on RegistryFacts.com, we need your help.

What we’ve learned so far is that positive messages are better than negative messages, 7 words or less (or nobody will have the time to read them), avoid the use of the term “sex offender registry” or just even just “sex”, clean and legible. If anyone has ideas, please share them in the comments, if anyone would like to submit design ideas, please write “contact me, I can do [graphic design/web development/marketing analytics, etc.]” (we can get your email from the back end of your comment) or email info@. and if you’re a leader from another state who would like to develop this method of getting the word out in your state, please reach out to us.

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