From California – Proof that with unity comes change

Today the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee approved a newly amended version of Senate Bill 145 (SB 145) that eliminated all references to residency restrictions. Specifically, the newly amended version eliminated Sections 5, 6 and 7 of the bill.

“This is a great victory for registrants and their families who no longer need to worry that SB 145 would cause them to be homeless,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

In the introduction of his bill, Senator Scott Wiener apologized to “everyone who could have been affected” for language in a prior version of SB 145 that would have resulted in homelessness for tens of thousands of registrants and their families. The senator stated clearly that he opposes residency restrictions and believes they are unconstitutional.

During the hearing, representatives from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office as well as CalCASA, a victim’s rights group, spoke in support of the newly amended version of SB 145. This bill is “long overdue”, according to the CalCASA representative.

More than 30 additional people, including registrants and their family members, spoke in favor of the newly amended version of SB 145. Included in that number were representatives from ACSOL as well as the ACLU, the Public Defenders Association and Equality California.


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