We just received an alert that the case filed by the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) to challenge IN PERSON registration laws in California has been denied. That notwithstanding, the reason for the denial appears to be because the Governor issued an executive order there, that avoided the in-person contact. The case notes state, “The petition for writ of mandate/prohibition is denied in light of the Governor’s Executive Order N-63-20 (effective May 7, 2020), as well as Information Bulletin 20-07-CJIS issued by the California Department of Justice Information Services Division on May 12, 2020 [“In accordance with Executive Order N-63-20, for the next 60 days, fingerprints, signatures, initials, or photographs of a registrant are no longer required in order to process CJIS 8047 and CJIS 8102S forms.”].”

While it was an initial disappointment to see the word “denied” we don’t know whether the pressure from a lawsuit is what prompted the governor to take action to alleviate some of the risks inherent from IN PERSON registration. We look forward to ACSOL’s Janice Bellucci’s take on the outcome and know that movement in the right direction, no matter how that movement occurs, is always a good thing!

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