Harold Hempstead blew the whistle on the Florida Department of Corrections, when he told the Miami Herald about the horrendous torture Darren Rainey had to endure before he was killed by guards at Dade Correctional Institution.

Rainey was serving a short stint for a minor drug offense when he was caged in a shower while boiling hot water scalded his body for hours until the skin peeled off of him. He died.

Although there were plenty of witnesses, the Miami-Dade state attorney ruled it an accident and didn’t prosecute the guards. For those who have been through the Florida criminal justice system – there are no surprises there!

Hempstead was eventually transferred to a prison in another state in an effort to censor him, but he’s not going to let Rainey’s death or the horrors of the Florida Department of Corrections go that easily. He is releasing a self-published book which this article describes as a portrayal of “a life lived in the pit of hell.”

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