California, which has the largest sex offender registry in the US, has been taking steps in the right direction over the past couple of years.

The State recently migrated towards a “tiered” system that would allow some registrants (those deemed “lower” risk to re-offend) to be removed from the registry eventually. While the plan wasn’t perfect, because it tiered people based on offenses rather than actual risk, California is now seeking to enact a new bill to help them introduce empirical evidence into their practices.

Senate Bill 1198 will establish a mandate for sponsoring research that will become the foundation for evidence-based laws.In addition the California Sex Offender Management Board would be expanded by two members with expertise in juvenile sex offending in order to review and recommend best practices and policies in the management of juveniles who sexually offend.

The migration will probably be a slow process, but at least things are moving in the right direction in California (and several other states).

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