After years of posting about the growing encampment of transient sex offenders in Miami-Dade County, it has taken some recent bad media exposure for the County to do something about it. And who do they appoint to spearhead the effort to relocate them? Ron Book! The same person who caused them to be homeless in the first place!

As absurd as it is to have allowed the human rights disaster to continue for so long, it’s even more absurd to appoint the most vocal proponent of their punishment and his daughter, whose organization receives millions of dollars annually from the perpetuation of myths about registered sex offenders, to help them.

If you want to voice you opposition to what is going on, the following is a list of Miami-Dade County Commissioners to contact:

District 1 Barbara J. Jordan [email protected] 305-474-3011
District 2 Jean Monestime [email protected] 305-694-2779
District 3 Audrey M. Edmonson [email protected] 305-636-2331
District 4 Sally A. Heyman [email protected] 305-787-5999
District 5 Bruno A. Barreiro [email protected] 305-673-7743
District 6 Rebeca Sosa [email protected] 305-267-6377
District 7 Xavier L. Suarez [email protected] 305-694-3550
District 8 Daniella Levine Cava [email protected] 305-378-6677
District 9 Dennis C. Moss [email protected] 305-234-4938
District 10 Javier D. Souto [email protected] 305-222-2116
District 11 Joe A. Martinez [email protected] 305-552-1155
District 12 Jose “Pepe” Diaz [email protected] 305-599-1200
District 13 Esteban L. Bovo, Jr. [email protected] 305-820-8424

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