NOTE Given the response to this post we are including a preamble.

The ACLU is a friend. The ACLU of Florida (and national) represents the homeless registrants in Miami-Dade and the ACLU of Michigan has done great things for it’s state and those in the 6th Circuit. The point is here is not to bash the ACLU, but sometimes nudging a friend is different than pushing the opposition.  That means acknowledging and respecting their help over the years while making principled criticisms.

As an organization that has been involved in the legal challenges, ACLU has first hand knowledge of how registrants have been treated, which is all the more reason they should be embarrassed over Amendment 4.

These organization are now celebrating the victory without mention of those who are now subject to further stigma.

Now that they have their victory on Amendment 4, let’s urge them to take action to ensure that a fundamental right like voting is not taken away from anyone. They have their victory on Amendment 4… now what about us?

This past Tuesday, voters in Florida passed Amendment 4. Now the Florida Constitution will be amended to restore the voting rights of former felons who have completed their sentences…

except people convicted of murder or sex offenders.

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition and the ACLU invested millions into getting this amendment passed and they were successful.

They were also successful in discriminating against us!

For organizations like FRRC which claims to be, “committed to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination against people with convictions”, or the ACLU which, “works to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties” they certainly threw us under the bus quite easily!

Contact the ACLU and FRRC and let them know you don’t appreciate being discriminated against.

ACLU of Florida
(786) 363-2700
Florida Rights Restoration Coalition
Discrimination is not OK!



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