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At the time of the posting of this Call To Action, the dates for the floor votes have not been determined. 


The many calls, emails, and letters on these bills are having an effect as opposition to these bills is starting to come from some of our legislators.  Representative Maney was not nearly as confident in the third committee meeting as he was in the first one.  He even acknowledged that legislators have been sharing concerns with him about the red lettering.  SO, NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR US TO LET UP!!!




You might also want to include a sentence or two about your opposition to HB 833, the reporting of 24-hour stays at vacation rentals.  Talking points for this bill are posted in the Call To Action for HB 833 at


PLEASE do the following:

  • Email all 160 members, or as many members as you can, in the Florida legislature. If you cannot email our legislators, or choose not to, please call as many as you can.
  • State that you OPPOSE the part of both bills that would require the red lettering on driver’s licenses for people on the registry.
  • Mention that you are a constituent if you happen to live in the legislator’s district.
  • Give some reasons as to why you oppose these bills. (Refer to suggestions made below.)
  • Ask family members and friends to also call to oppose the red lettering. (If these people live out of state: they can state that they are concerned that such unconstitutional laws could spread to their state; they travel to Florida and do not feel comfortable visiting a state that does not abide by the U.S. Constitution, etc.)
  • If our emails are treated as spam, then they will never be read. The FAC IT Committee recommends that we send only ONE EMAIL at a time to assure this does not happen.
  • Even if you are not able to email (or call) all 160 legislators, please email as many as you can. Every little bit helps.
  • Please work on the House of Representatives (HB 1085) first as their floor vote could be sooner than the vote in the Senate (SB 1252). There has to be 3 days between the last committee meeting and the floor vote, so the vote on SB 1252 would come at the middle of next week at the earliest.  The last committee meeting for HB 1085 was April 17.  Its floor vote could come as early as this Friday, April 21.  SO, PLEASE START EMAILING THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FIRST.  THEN WORK ON EMAILING THE SENATORS.


Comments made by Representative Patt Maney at the April 17 House Infrastructure Strategies Committee that need to be corrected:

  • When asked for an example of why it was necessary to change the markings that are already present on the driver’s licenses or identification cards for people on the sex offense registry, the only answer Maney could come up with was that “not everyone is as careful as you are”, i. e., law enforcement and landlords are not as careful. (Law enforcement uses the David check or FDIC which typically comes back in minutes with a greater history of who the person is.  Additionally, law enforcement is not saying that they are having a difficult time seeing the statute number or the words “SEXUAL PREDATOR.”)
  • Maney argued that marking the front of the driver’s license in red is the least intrusive way. (Two other representatives argued that the red lettering is NOT less intrusive than what is currently used on the licenses.  Courts have said the markings need to be the least restrictive means.)
  • Maney argued that the red lettering of the information on the driver’s license is totally unlike the Louisiana and Alabama cases. (The red lettering is not “totally unlike” the LA and AL cases.  The courts in both cases specifically said that the state must use the “least restrictive means’ in conveying its message because such a message – and code or announcement on the cards – constitutes compelled speech under the First Amendment, so strict scrutiny applies.  The whole point of HB 1085 and SB 1252 is to make the driver’s licenses for people on the registry very noticeable to the average person, which is exactly what the courts in LA and AL said is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.  Representative Maney needs to read both entire cases.)
  • Maney stated that words are not on the Florida licenses – just letters. (This is incorrect.  Either the statute number is on the front of the license or the words SEXUAL PREDATOR.)
  • Maney stated that some law enforcement in smaller Florida communities may treat people differently than law enforcement officials do in cities. (The implication made was that law enforcement in our smaller communities are not as capable as law enforcement in the larger cities.  There was no documentation given to back up such a statement.)
  • Maney stated that the red lettering on the Florida licenses would be clearly less intrusive than what Alabama is using. (The point is not which is less intrusive but whether the state is using the least intrusive means.  This is the point that Representative Maney does not want to deal with.)
  • When asked whether people who had adjudication withheld can be placed on the registry, Maney thought they could not. (Maney is wrong.  The Florida Sex Offender Act specifically states that having adjudication withheld is irrelevant and that such persons must be required to register.)
  • When asked if Romeo and Juliet offenders can be placed on the registry, Maney said he did not know. (In the Romeo and Juliet cases, it is very difficult for individuals to be removed because there is controlling case law in Florida that says in order for a person to be removed, they cannot still be required to register under Federal SORNA, which most of them are because under Federal SORNA, if any force was used, that automatically makes the person a Tier III offender who must register for life or at least 25 years if they were under 18 at the time of the offense.  Many of the Romeo and Juliet registrants are unable to get off the registry.  Even for those who are eligible to be removed, many have no idea that they are eligible, or if they do know they are eligible, they do not have the money to hire an attorney to apply for the removal.  Money is difficult for many registrants to come by because of the Scarlett Red Letter hung around their neck that can make it impossible to find a decent-paying job.)

 Representative Maney does not have a clear understanding of the statutes and case law for people with a sex offense. Please consult with attorneys that do have such knowledge before voting on HB 1085 or SB 1252.


Additional talking points:

  • Florida currently has two court cases challenging the markings on the licenses and identification cards. One is in the Southern District with the other case being in the Northern District.  This is all public record.
  • Similar provisions in Louisiana and Alabama have been struck down as unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. Both the Supreme Court of Louisiana, on the state level, and the Middle District of Alabama, on the federal level — two very conservative courts — have ruled that states must employ the least restrictive means when branding the driver’s licenses and identification cards for persons required to register as sex offenders.
  • Currently, a discrete numerical code appears in blue on the driver’s licenses of persons required to register in Florida. Sheriffs and police officers throughout the state are already aware of this code and its meaning, as are most schools. In fact, most schools in this state employ card scanning technology that immediately alert school officials to the card holder’s status. The red-letter provision of SB 1252 and HB 1085 are therefore as unnecessary as they are unconstitutional.
  • As several House Representatives recently acknowledged during committee deliberations, the red-letter provision of this bill is clearly unconstitutional, as it constitutes compelled speech that does not utilize the least restrictive means of expressing that the card holder is required to register. Supporting the red-letter provision of this bill is not being “tough on crime,” but rather is being tough on the First Amendment, whose guarantees protect all individuals, even the most unpopular members of society, from government compelled speech and shaming, which would be the practical effects of the red-letter provision of SB 1252 and HB 1085.
  • There are currently 52 registry requirements for people on the registry. Every Florida legislator should have received a copy of the timeline of these registry requirements that started off with 3 in 1997 and have grown to 52 by 2020.  Failure to fulfill any of these requirements could lead up to 5 years of imprisonment, even for the thousands of Florida registrants who are now law-abiding citizens
  • With a possible 53rd punitive registry requirement being passed into law, the tens of thousands of people on the Florida registry, along with family members and friends who are punished by these registry requirements, are beginning to unite to file a lawsuit if HB 1085 and SB 1252 are passed into law. Talks have begun with attorneys.
  • It is the responsibility of our elected Florida Legislators to ensure that all bills passed into law are constitutional. It should NOT have to be the responsibility of hard-working Florida citizens to ensure that new laws are constitutional by having to file costly lawsuits.  LEGISLATORS, PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!


Emails and Phone Numbers for Florida House of Representatives:

  1. Shane G. Abbott:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5005
  2. Thad Altman:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5032
  3. Daniel Antonio “Danny” Alvarez:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5069
  4. Carolina Amesty:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5045
  5. Adam Anderson:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5057
  6. Robert Alexander “Alex “Andrade:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5002
  7. Bruce Hadley Antone:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5041
  8. Kristen Aston Arrington:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5046
  9. Jessica Baker:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5017
  10. Douglas Michael “Doug” Bankson:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5039
  11. Webster Barnaby:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5029
  12. Robin Bartleman:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5103
  13. Fabián Basabe:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5106
  14. Melony M. Bell:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5049
  15. Mike Beltran:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5070
  16. Christopher Benjamin:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5107
  17. Kimberly Berfield:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5058
  18. Dean Black:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5015
  19. David Borrero:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5111
  20. Adam Botana:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5080
  21. Robert A. “Robbie” Brackett:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5034
  22. LaVon Bracy Davis:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5040
  23. Robert Charles “Chuck” Brannan III:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5010
  24. James Buchanan:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5074
  25. Demi Busatta Cabrera:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5114
  26. Daryl Campbell:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5099
  27. Jennifer Canady:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5050
  28. Michael A. “Mike” Caruso:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5087
  29. Joe Casello:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5090
  30. Hillary Cassel:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5101
  31. Kevin D. Chambliss:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5117
  32. Linda Chaney:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5061
  33. Charles Wesley “Chuck” Clemons Sr.:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5022
  34. Lindsay Michelle Cross:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5060
  35. Dan Daley:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5096
  36. Kimberly Daniels:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5014
  37. Fentrice Driskell:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5067
  38. Wyman Duggan:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5012
  39. Lisa Dunkley:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5097
  40. Jervonte “Tae” Edmonds:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5088
  41. Anna V. Eskamani:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5042
  42. Tiffany Esposito:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5077
  43. Tom Fabricio:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5110
  44. Juan Alfonso Fernandez-Barquin:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5118
  45. Randy Fine:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5033
  46. Gallop Franklin II:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5008
  47. Ashley Viola Gantt:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5109
  48. Alina Garcia:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5115
  49. Sam Garrison:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5011
  50. Mike Giallombardo:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5079
  51. Karen Gonzalez Pittman:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5065
  52. Peggy Gossett-Seidman:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5091
  53. Michael “Mike” Gottlieb:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5102
  54. Michael Grant:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5075
  55. Tommy Gregory:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5072
  56. Philip Wayne “Griff” Griffitts Jr.:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5006
  57. Jennifer “Rita” Harris:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5044
  58. Dianne “Ms Dee” Hart:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5063
  59. Fred Hawkins:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5035
  60. Yvonne Hayes Hinson:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5035
  61. Jeff Holcomb:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5053
  62. Christine Hunschofsky:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5095
  63. Berny Jacques:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5059
  64. Dotie Joseph:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5108
  65. Sam H. Killebrew:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5048
  66. Traci Koster:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5066
  67. Chip LaMarca:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5100
  68. Thomas J. “Tom” Leek:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5028
  69. Johanna López:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5043
  70. Vicki L. Lopez:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5113
  71. Randall Scott “Randy” Maggard:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5054
  72. Patt Maney:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5004
  73. Ralph E. Massullo, MD:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5023
  74. Stan McClain:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5027
  75. Lawrence McClure:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5068
  76. Fiona McFarland:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5073
  77. Lauren Melo:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5082
  78. Kiyan Michael:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5016
  79. James Vernon “Jim” Mooney Jr:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5120
  80. Angela “Angie” Nixon:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5013
  81. Tobin Rogers “Toby” Overdorf:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5085
  82. Bobby Payne:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5020
  83. Daniel Perez:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5116
  84. Jenna Persons-Mulicka:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5078
  85. Rachel Lora Saunders Plakon:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5036
  86. Susan Plasencia:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5037
  87. Juan Carlos Porras:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5119
  88. Michele K. Rayner-Goolsby:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5062
  89. Paul Renner:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5019
  90. Alex Rizo:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5112
  91. Spencer Roach:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5076
  92. Felicia Simone Robinson:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5104
  93. William Cloud “Will” Robinson Jr.:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5071
  94. Bob Rommel:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5081
  95. Rick Roth:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5094
  96. Dr. Joel Rudman:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5003
  97. Michelle Salzman:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5001
  98. Jason Shoaf:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5007
  99. David Silvers:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5089
  100. Tyler I. Sirois:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5031
  101. Kelly Skidmore:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5092
  102. David Smith:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5038
  103. John Snyder:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5086
  104. Paula A. Stark:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5047
  105. Kevin M. Steele:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5055
  106. Cyndi Stevenson:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5018
  107. Allison Tant:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5009
  108. John Paul Temple: [email protected]  (850) 717-5052
  109. Josie Tomkow:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5051
  110. Dana Trabulsy:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5084
  111. Chase Tramont:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5030
  112. Keith L. Truenow:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5026
  113. Kaylee Tuck:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5083
  114. Susan L. Valdés:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5064
  115. Katherine Waldron:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5093
  116. Patricia H. Williams:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5098
  117. Marie Paule Woodson:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5105
  118. Taylor Michael Yarkosky:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5025
  119. Bradford Troy “Brad” Yeager:  [email protected]  (850) 717-5056



Emails and Phone Numbers for Florida Senators:

  1. Ben Albritton:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5027
  2. Bryan Avila:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5039
  3. Dennis Baxley:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5013
  4. Lori Berman:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5026
  5. Lauren Book:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5035
  6. Jim Boyd:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5020
  7. Jennifer Bradley:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5006
  8. Jason Brodeur:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5010
  9. Doug Broxson:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5001
  10. Danny Burgess:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5023
  11. Colleen Burton:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5012
  12. Alexis Calatayud:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5038
  13. Jay Collins:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5014
  14. Tracie Davis:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5005
  15. Nick DiCeglie:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5018
  16. Ileana Garcia:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5036
  17. Erin Grall:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5029
  18. Joe Gruters:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5022
  19. Gayle Harrell:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5031
  20. Ed Hooper:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5021
  21. Travis Hutson:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5007
  22. Blaise Ingoglia:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5011
  23. Shevrin Jones:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5034
  24. Jonathan Martin:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5033
  25. Debbie Mayfield:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5019
  26. Rosalind Osgood:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5032
  27. Kathleen Passidomo:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5028
  28. Keith Perry:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5009
  29. Jason Pizzo:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5037
  30. Tina Scott Polsky:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5030
  31. Bobby Powell:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5024
  32. Ana Maria Rodriguez:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5040
  33. Darryl Rouson:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5016
  34. Corey Simon:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5003
  35. Linda Stewart:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5017
  36. Geraldine Thompson:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5015
  37. Victor Torres:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5025
  38. Jay Trumbull:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5002
  39. Tom Wright:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5008
  40. Clay Yarborough:  [email protected]  (850) 487-5004


Every email/call gets tallied.  Every respectful communication is an excellent opportunity to change a mind about our community with a lawmaker.  YOUR EFFORTS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This Call To Action has been SUPERSEDED.
Comments are now disabled.


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