CALL TO ACTION:  Hernando Co. Commissioners voted to move forward with a proposed sex offense ordinance


Even though there have been no reports of new sex offenses by people on the sex offense registry in Hernando County, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office has requested that the Hernando County Commissioners pass this proposed sex offense ordinance.  They are trying to pass this ordinance simply because they can do so.


The following are just some of the proposals in the ordinance:


  • Would prohibit people on the registry from residing within 1,000 feet of schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, public libraries, religious institutions, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities.
  • Would not allow people on the registry to participate in any practice or event, including, but not limited to, any event related to a nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event, if such practice or event is primarily targeted toward non-familial children. There is also wording on the wearing of costumes, make-up, and masks.
  • Posting of “No candy or treats here” signs at the residences of registrants on Halloween.
  • No displays for any nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice are to be visible from the exterior of the residence, if such displays are primarily targeted to lure a child.
  • Cannot enter into or remain within the 1000-foot buffer zones surrounding schools, daycares, etc.
  • Read the entire Hernando proposed ordinance here.



Please, please consider helping out the people in Hernando County by either emailing or calling their county commissioners.  The next posted commissioners’ meeting is February 14.  The agenda is not available at this time, but we are moving forward assuming that the second reading and final vote will be at this meeting, so it is imperative that all contacts be made before February 14.


Make sure that you state that you are OPPOSED to this ordinance. 


Some possible TALKING POINTS:


  • The sexual recidivism rate is low for people with a past sex offense. Page one of the proposed ordinance states that “offenders” and “predators” often pose a HIGH RISK of engaging in sexual offenses even after being released from incarceration or commitment.  Where is the research to back up such a statement?  There is none.


  • The ordinance states that the designation of a person as a sexual offender or a sexual predator is NOT a sentence or punishment. All of us have plenty of reasons to give as to why that statement is false.


  • OVER 90% of FUTURE sex crimes will be committed by people NOT on the registry. How will this ordinance protect society from the 90+% who will commit these future sex offenses in Hernando County—where the real concern should be?


  • At least 93% of minors know their perpetrator. How is this ordinance going to protect children from most future perpetrators, who are family members, friends, church staff, school staff, daycare workers, coaches, etc., who are NOT on the registry and will be committing the majority of the future sex crimes against children?


  • If you do not live in Hernando Co., you are contacting the commissioners because you do not want to see this unconstitutional ordinance spread to your county like a cancer. That is what is happening in Hernando:  Because Citrus and Pasco Counties have “much more stringent ordinances that Hernando does currently,” said County Attorney Jon Jouben.  “…we’re creating a kind of vacuum here in Hernando County.”


  • This proposed ordinance would require signs to be placed in yards of all people on the registry on Halloween from 6 am to midnight. The U.S. Federal 11th Court of Appeals ruled this was unconstitutional in Butts County, Georgia.  Florida is in the same circuit.  Is Hernando County’s Attorney Jon Jouben not familiar with this decision?  Additionally, except for outside lighting provided on a year-round basis, all outside residential lighting must be off after 5 pm on Halloween.


  • While prohibiting people on the registry from living within 1,000 feet of a church, how is this protecting children who attend these churches and will eventually be sexually harmed by someone in the church who is NOT on the registry?


  • Research shows that most sex offenses that occur in nursing homes are committed by staff. How does forcing people on the registry to live 1,000 feet or more from such facilities protect the patients from future attacks from staff members?


  • No one on the registry can participate in practices or events related to nationally or locally recognized holidays or seasonal events that primarily target non-familial children. This is too vague.  Which holidays or events besides Christmas, Easter, and Halloween?  No displays that target children – too vague – who decides if it targets children?


  • Page 11 of the ordinance, #2: “places where children could be lured” – too vague – who gets to decide which places – Will people on the registry be told which specific places besides parks and pools?


  • The 1000-foot buffer zone is nothing less than banishment – not constitutional.


  • “Vote at a designated polling place within his or her district…” How cruel can these commissioners get? Our population has been excluded from Amendment 4 which gave other groups the opportunity to regain their voting rights.


  • This ordinance is ripe for a lawsuit: too vague in parts, banishment in many areas of the county, Halloween signs that have already been ruled compelled speech, and a court ruling that people cannot be banished from libraries since all people have the right to obtain information from some source.


Many of our members will come up with their own, better ideas – please use them.


If you want to include research and do not have any, you can find some at our website (, choose the Committees’ drop-down menu, Education Committee, Articles and Studies Containing Research.




Contact information for Hernando Board of County Commissioners


Elizabeth Narverud, District 1, Vice Chair  [email protected]    (352) 754-4143

Brian Hawkins, District 2,   [email protected]   (352) 587-3000

John Allocco, District 3, Chairman   [email protected]    (352) 754-4144

Jerry Campbell, District 4,   [email protected]    (352) 754-4848

Steve Champion, District 5, 2nd Vice Chair,   [email protected]   (352) 754-4448


PLEASE make calls and/or send emails to each of the Hernando County Commissioners, showing our strong opposition to this ordinance. We have enough FAC members and advocates to keep their phones ringing and emails full.

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