HB 833 is of great concern as it would require reporting stays of 24 hours or longer at vacation rentals.

Our concern is with lines 684 – 697.

This bill is now in the House Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee with no scheduled meeting at this time.

There are three companion bills, but at the present time none contains this onerous verbiage.



 If you call, you will need to give your name and phone number, state that you oppose the language in the bill that would require reporting stays at vacation rentals for 24 hours or more, and give one or two very BRIEF REASONS why you oppose the bill.

  • If you happen to be a constituent (live in the representative’s district), please mention this fact.
  • If you call after hours, voicemail will pick up. Give the same information listed above.  The aides all say they do count the yeas and nays from the voicemails but only if you leave your name and phone number (or some type of contact information).
  • If possible, also send an email or letter through the U.S. Postal Service listing the reasons why you oppose HB 833.



  • The shortened time for required registration will make it impossible for registered citizens to comply if they check in on a weekend.
  • This part of the bill would most likely make it impossible for registered citizens to travel.
  • Because this part of the bill could make it nearly impossible for registered citizens to travel throughout the state of Florida, FDLE has warned of lawsuits coming over this issue.
  • FDLE has said this change will lead to a “substantial increase” in the number of registered citizens required to complete a registration. This will potentially increase the workload of the FDLE and require programming changes to FDLE’s technology systems and incur increased costs.
  • This additional restriction would be punitive for registered citizens, making it unconstitutional.
  • What is the purpose of requiring this 24-hour registration? What is the research that is being used to justify this part of the bill?
  • Florida already has 52 registry requirements for people on the sex offense registry, where noncompliance for any one of them could result in 5 years of prison. Why is the legislature trying to further punish the tens of thousands of registrants on the Florida registry who are now law-abiding citizens?



  1. Tyler I. Sirois (Chair-R):  850-717-5031; [email protected]
  2. Lauren Melo (Vice Chair – R):  850-717-5082; [email protected]
  3. Joe Casello (Democratic Ranking Member – D):  850-717-5090; [email protected]
  4. Carolina Amesty (R):  850-717-5045; [email protected]
  5. Peggy Gossett-Seidman (R):  850-717-5091; [email protected]
  6. Jeff Holcomb (R):  850-717-5053; [email protected]
  7. Randall Scott Maggard (R):  850-717-5054; [email protected]
  8. Patt Maney (R):  850-717-5004; [email protected]
  9. Fiona McFarland (R):  850-717-5073; [email protected]
  10. Angela Nixon (D):  850-717-5013; [email protected]
  11. William Cloud Robinson, Jr. (R):  850-717-5071; [email protected]
  12. Jason Shoaf (R):  850-717-5007; [email protected]
  13. David Silvers (D):  850-717-5089; [email protected]
  14. Susan L. Valdes (D):  850-717-5064; [email protected]
  15. Bradford Troy Yeager (R):  850-717-5056; [email protected]
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